For those of you who have watched the Big Brother TV show, the reason they call it that is because the lives of the residents are recorded 24/7. Someone is ALWAYS watching them and it’s always documented. 

Before the TV show, the phrase Big Brother represented the government and the fact that they are watching everything you do. The phrase came from George Orwell’s book “1984.” 

The book is about the government over-reach, mass surveillance and totalitarianism. Basically the democrat party in action.

Orwell said, “Big Brother is Watching You” and he wasn’t kidding.

Obama’s coup against Trump was surely proof of that. The corrupt democrats used surveillance against Trump and other republicans to try to keep their political power. 

Looks like Albion College in Michigan, who is only offering in-person learning, likes the Big Brother idea too. Citing coronavirus concerns like all of the rest of the tyrants are doing, the college is mandating that all of their college students load a tracking app on their phone so the school can track them wherever they go.

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What if they don’t have a phone? I mean, it COULD happen. I have a 10-year-old burner phone and wouldn’t be able to load an app. I hate cell phones as much as I hated having a pager back in the ’90’s. I don’t want people to bother me – or find me easily.

So would the college buy me a phone? Is there a phone grant for the underprivileged who can’t afford them?

The app is a mobile spying app to monitor where the students are coming and going, all day, every day. It will also contain personal health information. 

Gee, how many laws and constitutional issues is this school going to trample on in the name of contact tracing?

The college is also asking students to stay within the school’s 4.5 mile perimeter all semester. 

What happens if you leave? An alarm will go off and the gestapo will come after you. But seriously… that’s pretty close to what will happen. Your phone will snitch on you and notify the administration. 

And YOU, my friend, could be suspended. Gee, I guess free movement around the country isn’t allowed either. 

But the same rules don’t apply to special people – the professors and administrators can come and go from the the campus. Apparently, they can’t get COVID-19 and the school doesn’t have to track or be concerned about what they do.

Senior Andrew Arszulowicz told the Free Beacon, “I feel like I am being treated like a five-year-old that cannot be trusted to follow rules. If the school believes masks work …why are we not allowed to leave if they work? It does not make sense to me.”

Students will also have to undergo a three-day quarantine at the school after being tested and arriving at the school. And they’ll be given a list of “approved” businesses they can go to and “approved” activities they can do (like medical appointments).

Maybe the school will figure out a way to combine all of their ideology together in a perfect storm and only let them go to minority-owned or democratic-owned businesses? That’d be great if they could pull that one off.

And what happens if you disobey Big Brother and all of their tyrannical rules? You’ll be locked out of your dorm and the other buildings – and be temporarily suspended.

You will no longer be welcomed in their prison.

Why in the HELL would anyone go to this school?

Go ahead, give away your privacy. 

Go ahead and sign a form consenting to lab testing and specimen collecting. 

Go ahead and sign a form that allows the disclosure of your test results to the county, state or “any other government entity as may be required by law.”

Heck, just move to North Korea. 

There’s no difference and you’ll meet new people.