The Michigan Democrats have outdone themselves again with their latest $82.5 billion budget, proving once more that when it comes to priorities, they’re aiming for the gold in the Olympic sport of fiscal gymnastics to support their illegal alien buddies and their leftist agenda.

Forget about funding schools adequately or addressing pressing infrastructure needs. Why bother with such trivialities when there are pet projects and leftist causes to fund?

Legal aid for illegal aliens.

Leading the charge in this year’s budget bonanza is a cool $1 million earmarked not for improving education or fixing roads, but for providing legal aid to future Democrat voters…oops, I mean illegal aliens.

Making sure funding for illegal aliens is given – but not school safety.

Meanwhile, Michigan schools are left to scrape by with a mere $23.4 billion for their aid budget, which, by the way, conveniently excludes any increase in per pupil funding. But schools – and even school safety – doesn’t seem to be as much of a concern as is the funding for Whitmer’s Office of Global Michigan and supporting all of the “newcomers” flooding into the state.

Speaking of which, that Office seems to be the apple of the Democrats’ eye this year, snagging a whopping $44 million of taxpayer dollars. Clearly, taking care of non-citizens is a top priority, while Michigan residents face cuts and underfunding across the board.

But fear not, because if you’re in Detroit and hankering for a “Chinatown,” your dreams are about to come true – courtesy of a cool million from the state coffers. Yes, funding niche cultural projects is more important than, say, ensuring adequate resources for Michigan’s struggling public schools.

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Yes, the Dems actually slashed $300 million from school safety resources. Who needs mental health services and school resource officers anyway? Certainly not the kids in Michigan if it means we can funnel more money into pet projects like a commission to plan a 250th birthday party or $1.4 million to ensure that every public restroom, regardless of gender, has free tampons.

High culture and minority business funding.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. The budget does manage to set aside a generous $6 million for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to subsidize high culture for the elites..

They also set aside $2 million for electric bikes and a bunch of money for racist endeavors like $2.5 million for Black teachers and up to $50 million for minority businesses.

Money to buy Democrat votes.

And let’s not overlook the $150 million dedicated to making voting more accessible (to Democrats) so they can buy votes.

Michigan Democrats have once again demonstrated their uncanny ability to twist our taxpayer dollars into a pretzel of misplaced priorities and questionable expenditures. While they pat themselves on the back for their “historic” and “balanced” budget, residents are left wondering if their elected officials are truly looking out for their best interests. That would be a big N-O.