The irony is so thick you could cut it with a butter knife. President Joe Biden’s campaign, which has been chanting “not a political witch hunt” regarding Trump’s New York City criminal hush money trial, just had a major oopsie.

They decided to parade Robert De Niro, their “special guest” and a couple of former cops outside the courthouse on Tuesday, making it painfully obvious that, yes, this trial IS indeed a political spectacle orchestrated by the Biden folks.

If De Niro is the new campaign spokesperson, Biden’s got real troubles.

For weeks, Biden’s camp played it cool, pretending they were too busy with actual governance to get involved in Trump’s trial. But now, as the trial hits its dramatic climax, they’ve decided to cash in on the circus and have “jumped the shark” by inserting themselves into the spectacle.

Robert De Niro, the “Goodfellas” actor who’s never shy about his disdain for Trump, and two former officers who faced the Capitol rioters on January 6th, are apparently the new faces of Biden’s strategic pivot in campaign strategy.

De Niro attacks Trump AND his supporters with potty mouth.

Calling Trump a clown, a grubby real estate hustler and a tyrant, the classless De Niro also went after Trump supporters as well, telling one of them “You’re a f–king idiot.”

In a bid to keep their hands clean, Biden’s top advisor insisted they weren’t there to talk about the trial. Oh no, perish the thought! They were just there because the media circus was too juicy to ignore. Right. And De Niro and the officers just happened to be in the neighborhood, looking for a good press gaggle to crash.

Trump camp points out what they’ve said all along about the trial: it’s a Biden-orchestrated political circus.

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Meanwhile, Trump’s camp was quick to pounce, claiming this spectacle was a gift from the political gods, proving their point that the Trump prosecutions are all about politics. “We’re not here today because of what’s going on over there,” Biden campaign communication director Michael Tyler said, laughingly pointing towards the courthouse.

In a move that screamed desperation, Biden’s team also rolled out a new ad narrated by De Niro last week, bashing Trump’s presidency and warning about a dystopian future if he gets re-elected. De Niro, with his usual subtlety, told reporters he joined the campaign to save American freedoms. “I don’t mean to scare you. No, wait, maybe I do mean to scare you,” he said, painting a doomsday scenario of Trump’s return to power.

As if that wasn’t enough melodrama, De Niro laid into Trump, mocking his failed business ventures and self-aggrandizing history. “We New Yorkers used to tolerate him when he was just another crappy real estate hustler masquerading as a big shot,” De Niro sneered and then added, “I love this city. I don’t want to destroy it. Donald Trump wants to destroy not only the city but the country, and, eventually, he could destroy the world.”

The world? Isn’t destroying the world what Biden’s been trying to do? But I digress…

Pushback against De Niro TDS and Biden presser.

In perfect counterpoint, Trump’s campaign held their own press conference right after the DeNiro rant, labeling him as a “washed-up actor” and accusing Biden’s team of proving Trump’s claims about politically motivated trials. Jason Miller, Trump’s senior campaign adviser, said, “After months of saying politics had nothing to do with this trial, they showed up and made a campaign event out of a lower Manhattan trial day for President Trump.”

Campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung said, “Crooked Joe Biden and his campaign are in complete freakout mode, and that’s why they’ve gone back on the word and now they’ve gone in bed with a highly conflicted, conflicted judge, and now they’re making a political mockery of this entire thing.”


Karoline Leavitt, Trump’s press secretary called Biden’s move desperate, failing and pathetic adding that it was “a full-blown concession that this trial is a witch hunt that comes from the top.”

The Biden camp handed them this narrative on a silver platter on Tuesday.