As the border crisis worsens and more illegal aliens are coming to Chicago, soon-to-be- outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her merry band of Democrat friends have decided that a former high school in the South Shore neighborhood is the perfect place to temporarily house up to 500 illegal aliens and that isn’t sitting well with the Black residents who overwhelmingly voted for Biden in the last election by 97%.

If Trump or any Republicans were saying what the South Shore residents have been saying about the situation, they would automatically be called “racist” and all kinds of other derogatory words.

However, these residents are, so far, getting a pass on their racism and xenophobia – even when one of the residents said at a press conference, “Why would any leader put our black communities, already riddled with crime, at further risk by placing unvetted non-taxpayers steps away from our seniors, our children and our homes that we have worked so hard to secure?”

The Daily Mail reports that many many furious residents of the neighborhood where the school is spoke out angrily about the situation. There has even been a lawsuit filed over the placement of the illegal aliens over the zoning of the school which they say doesn’t allow anyone to live in the school.

One angry resident said, “’Build the wall. Make a border.”

Hmmmm…. Those comments were labeled xenophobic back when Trump said them.

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How times have changed.

Biden and the Democrats seem to think that they have the Black vote safely in hand and have turned their money and attention towards a new group of potential voters.

But that sure thing might not last through 2024 as more illegal aliens continue to come over our insecure border and show up in Black communities.