Now that Biden is president, the Democrat Antifa Army has gone dark. 

They were recruited to take to the streets to help Biden win the election and now they aren’t needed because the chaos would not look good with Biden in the Oval Office.

The Antifa cockroaches involved in the political movement of fascism, pretending to be anti-fascist, are back in their parent’s basements, waiting to be called upon again when needed.

But don’t worry, they’ll probably show up again around the November elections – or if Trump runs for president again.

That is because they are frauds. They are democrat operatives, not nearly as ideological as people think.

Because, hmmmm… all of a sudden, police aren’t oppressive anymore under Biden and there are no unarmed black people being killed through systemic racism under the Biden administration. 

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Yes, things have changed. 

What’s changed is that the Antifa opportunists aren’t making up reasons to take to the streets because that would make Biden look bad.

It’s no surprise that the Biden administration labeled parents at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists” but not Antifa who have actually assaulted people with everything from bricks to homemade bombs.

Because Biden has to protect his supporters. 

Even USA Today is wondering where Antifa has gone. The media outlet has admitted “for the rest of the year (2021), apart from a few isolated scuffles, Antifa activists haven’t engaged in street battles or civil unrest that marked the preceding years.”

USA Today suggests they are busy doing paperwork and computer searches, exposing racists and bigots, posting links on social media and working on community projects.

Maybe planting trees and feeding the homeless?

USA Today DOES admit that it was Trump who moved Antifa into action in the United States because Orange Man Bad “sent shock waves through the anti-fascist movement.” Yes, supporting freedom and an “America First” agenda will do that.

But they wrongly say that “the Antifa movement has not sought a communist takeover of the country.”

Yes they did. And because it’s close to happening under Biden, that is why they are so quiet.