Even before September 11th, America had airline security. The airlines had to know who you were by requiring your driver’s license and they wanded you. They also ran your luggage through an x-ray machine. It wasn’t a free-for-all.

But the perks of being an illegal alien have reached new heights under democrat rule. At the expense of airline security.

It’s been glaringly obvious that the democrats don’t care about any kind of checks on illegal aliens – they want to get them into the country at all costs (and make sure they stay here) so they will eventually be democrat voters.

Sex trafficker? No problem.

Have COVID-19? No problem.

Bringing in Fentanyl? No problem.

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Domestic abuser? No problem.

Terrorist? No problem.

And now, the TSA can’t even be bothered to make sure these illegals aren’t a flight risk when they whisk them away to parts unknown to spread the them all over the country. 

Illegal aliens aren’t required to produce a driver’s license or any kind of actual ID when they fly around by themselves either.

If these illegal aliens are a criminal, that’s even better for the Biden administration because the Transportation Security Administration can use their arrest warrant as ID.

An arrest warrant with whatever fake name that the illegal alien gives them at the border.

Don’t worry though. Only about 159 “passengers” a day fly with these kinds of acceptable DHS documents.

What is the DHS? 

Well it’s supposed to stand for the Department of Homeland “Security.”

I also find it incredibly ironic that the TSA has “security” in their name as well and the CBP has “border protection” in their name.

What a joke. We have no security or border protection anymore.

Not under Biden.