The White House came out with a laughable marketing ploy on Thursday, July 1st, telling everyone how the price of a July 4th BBQ celebration this year is down 16¢ from last year.

Who cares?!

They used hand-picked minuscule BS pricing decreases they got from the Farm Bureau to convince people that that Biden’s economic plan is working. 

Yeah, right. 

Biden has no economic plan. And saving 16¢ on a 4th of July BBQ does not prove anything.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki obviously didn’t even read the whole report from the Farm Bureau.

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Peter Doocy, a journalist with Fox News, asked her, “Does the White House think 16 cents off a BBQ has more of an impact on people’s lives than gas being a dollar more?”

Psaki decided to be flippant and she talked about hot dogs. She said, “I would say, if you don’t like hot dogs, you may not care of the reduction of cost…”

The Farm Bureau report said nothing about hot dogs. Their 16¢ cheaper meal contained cheeseburgers, pork chops, chicken breasts, homemade potato salad, pork & beans, strawberries, potato chips and fresh-squeezed lemonade with ice cream and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, we can see what’s really going on everywhere around us and we’re not buying their spin on what’s going on in the country. 

There are shortages of products and workers everywhere. The lines in restaurants are long. Businesses have reduced hours. We’re waiting for everything longer than we should be – for mechanics, doctors appointments and many other things. And EVERYTHING is more expensive.

It’s almost like we don’t live in America anymore. We’re living some new normal courtesy of the leftists. What’s going on is sad and ridiculous. We are better than this but we are suffering under a Democratic curse.

a 16¢ cheaper BBQ don’t mean a thing in the real world. Talking about that as proof of a robust economic plan makes the Biden administration look like a joke.

And their assertion that ground beef is down in price is also joke. Hamburger prices are up in every store I go to and they’re up a LOT. And so is bacon and everything else.

But HALLELUJAH! Let’s rejoice over pennies off our BBQ spending instead of reflecting on what the Democrats have actually brought to the economy…

Gasoline is at least $1 a gallon more than last year. Even higher in most place.

Home prices up 24%.

Grocery bills are about $20 more a week (I can attest to this from personal experience).

Lumber prices have doubled.

There are shortages of chicken and sauce and many other things at fast food restaurants.

And that’s just a few things that are going on all over the United States.

I hope that everyone held on to their stimulus money because I doubt you’ll even break even at the end of the year because of the increased prices of everything. 

Plastic, steel, soybeans, corn, sugar, diaper, toilet paper, cars…

Biden inflation isn’t a temporary thing. It’s here to stay until Democrats are done controlling the Federal government.

But don’t worry… you can save a few cents on some hand-picked BBQ items that the White House is talking about.

Twitter lit up making fun of the White House and their 16¢ numbers.

Hanan Rahman tweeted, “reality is no longer distinguishable from satire.”

Others made plans on what to do with their extra 16¢.

Vince Hangman tweeted “it will “cost me $900 to build a birdhouse but I saved 16 cents on my hotdogs.”