By Wayne Dupree | January 24, 2020

Dear Congress:

We need you back at work passing legislation for health, immigration reform, trade, and infrastructure. We ask you DO NOT now take a 2-week vacation break. You have already lost two years on nothing and appear to be heading down the same path. American voters now decide who should be President in 2020 under our Constitution. Likewise, American voters will certainly consider your performance when voting in 2020. You have some catching up to do.

Signed: American Voter

Let’s face it; liberals have had zero interest in working to solve any of the issues. Their only interest since day one was to use the liberal friendly media as a weapon to try to undermine then-GOP candidate Donald Trump to win in 2020.

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They have no viable policy to solve anything. Pres. Trump is proving its economic policies have all been failures. They know they can’t win in 2020. The only thing that they have are smoke, mirrors, and a delusional base that blindly follows along with the baseless claims that are entirely speculation, supposition, and wishful thinking.

For impeachment in the House, a majority. For conviction in the Senate, 2/3 majority which will only happen if voters demand it, which will make it safer for Republicans to vote to convict. There is a long way to go before that happens. And right now, Faux News is serving Trump very well. The real smoking gun has not yet been disclosed and may not exist.

Taking the Senate is a byproduct the Democrats would like to see, but it is unlikely to happen. No matter how much the media cheerleads this Impeachment debacle, it is still a debacle. The Democrats should never have taken this flimsy, weak case forward. The radical wing of their party has completely overtaken them. It is not reasonable to remove a President from the office that has committed no crimes – even if everything the Democrats say is true (and spoiler alert – most of it is crap).

It is not reasonable to impeach a President for doing the EXACT SAME THING the leading Democrat Presidential candidate did in 2014 – by his admission. The Democrats have NO CHANCE of removing Trump, so their strategy is to whine and complain and throw as much mud at Republicans as possible – hoping they can take the Senate or hold the House. Both are unlikely.

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Democrats have left too many red-state Democrats swinging in the wind with their Impeachment vote. It may be really popular in California and New York, but Impeachment is WAY underwater in most of the country. That is where the Democrats won their majority in 2018. That is where they will lose it again in 2020.

Democrats may pick up a Senate seat here or there, but they will lose one or two. The Senate will stay the same with a 2nd term Trump that will not miss a chance to rub the Democrat’s faces in their impotence to stop him.

This whole impeachment process is serving a wonderful purpose. It is letting America know what the Democratic party has become, and as a result, our country will be much better off. The GOP will control the Senate and House after the election, and Trump will have four years with support to keep America great. TRUMP 2020.

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