My father often said when things got dicey or weren’t going particularly well trying to persuade someone to your side of things; “you can be as nice as you want but sometimes when you want to get results you just have to get shitty.” That is an axiom Donald Trump seems to identify with and completely understand, though I am reasonably sure the two never met. I think it is a life-lesson that Trump learned independently and outside of my childhood home.

From what I hear my father and Trump have some things in common it seems. Well apart from the fact that my father died years ago that is.

The oft-used saying came to mind when I learned that Trump had invited Gennifer Flowers to the Monday night Presidential debate at Hofstra University and offered her a front row seat. Flowers accepted the invite and apparently will be ringside for the big event. Trump reached out to Bill Clinton’s former mistress after learning that Hillary Clinton and her campaign had seated Trump antagonist and fellow billionaire Mark Cuban in the front row. I guess the idea was to rankle Trump or somehow distract him and throw him off his game. All it did was prompt a counter strike from a guy who has been upping his game in such matters for awhile.

So it makes you wonder; what will be more of a sideshow Bill Clinton’s ex-concubine or the loud mouth owner of an NBA franchise. My bet is on the bimbo. It will also put a spotlight back on the transgressions of the former President with the penchant for screwing almost anything that moves. It will also re-open questions about numerous accusations of rape and sexual assaults by the retired Commander in Chief. The number and severity of the accusations would make Bill Cosby blush. In the end it could well enlighten the millennial crowd about the dalliances of Bill Clinton and his wife’s allegiance to protecting him no matter who got destroyed, ruined and in some cases maybe even killed.

Bringing Gennifer Flowers to the dance in response to an ill-timed faux pas by the Clinton campaign is another stroke of genius in a very unusual campaign season. This one may be a gift that keeps on giving. Much like cheating on your wife over and over again.

Oh, that reminds me of something else my dad also used to say a lot; “don’t get in a pissing match with a skunk.” Seems Donald Trump is also very skilled at playing the part of the skunk.