Live from STUDIO G in the Heart of America—I’m Steve Gruber— Your Soldier of Truth—the Tip of the Spear against socialists—here ready to fight for you from the Foxhole of Freedom—AND—giving you better analysis than anyone else while defending this great nation—this is the Steve Gruber Show—


Here are the 3 Big Things you need to know to start today—


Number One— Mr. Moobs Bill Gates has put $100 Million dollars into Bud Light—as he thinks the brand will bounce back—of course he told us vaccines work too—


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Number Two— The real cost of the open border and the crisis of illegal aliens is hitting home in dark blue cities—and its destroying budgets and confidence in Democrats—


Number Three— The UAW strike—its time to dig deeper—I mean the Big 3 know that the number of employees they will have—is going to get cut massively—because EV’s take a lot less people to build—


And the union wants to cash in before its too late—