When Judge Juan Merchan found that Donald Trump had violated a gag order for the 10th time in the Trump “Hush Money” trial, he bent over backward to avoid sending the former president to the big house. “The last thing I want to do is to put you in jail,” Merchan said, highlighting the gravity of such a decision.

It’s not that any of us actually believe that the judge doesn’t WANT to put Trump in jail. We know that he does. There are just other options that he has worked up with the Biden camp that make more sense.

What happens if Trump is convicted?

As the “hush money” case barrels towards a verdict, with 55 pages of jury instructions given and said jury now in deliberations, the question of what happens if Trump is convicted hangs in the air like a bad smell considering that the jury is made up of a bunch of NYC liberals. What could go wrong, right?

With jury deliberations underway, Merchan might soon face the dilemma of a lifetime – what to do if Trump is actually convicted.

CBS News contemplates this scenario in their article titled, “What happens if Trump is convicted in NY? No one can really say.” That is because the judge gets to decide when, where and how things will happen – and we don’t know what kind of deal Merchan and the Biden gang have worked out.

The judge will come up with the sentence.

Here’s the rundown: Trump is being tried in New York state court, where judges wield significant power in sentencing. Unlike federal court, where there’s usually a wait before sentencing, New York state court can be more spur-of-the-moment. Former Manhattan prosecutor Duncan Levin explains in the CBS article that sometimes, the judge sentences immediately after a guilty verdict. Wouldn’t THAT be special? But not surprising to most of you, I’m sure.

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Each of the 34 felony charges Trump faces for allegedly falsifying business records carries a potential four-year prison sentence and a $5,000 fine. Trump, of course, has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

House arrest looks like a good choice to keep Trump away from the voters.

Attorney Norm Eisen looked into similar cases brought by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. He found that about 10% of these cases led to jail time, but he also acknowledged that Trump’s situation is far from ordinary. Merchan would have a range of sentencing options if Trump is convicted, from probation to house arrest.

House arrest is the Democrats’ dream come true. No more rallies for the Trumpster in Brooklyn or anywhere else. And no debate with Biden (which is why Biden acted like he actually WANTS a debate that he knows will most likely never materialize). That would lead Trump to doing virtual campaign rallies, have press conferences in Mar-a-Lago, have press interviews in his living rom and fire off social media comments every five seconds.

I’m also wondering if Trump will figure out a way to have “rallies” on his property – although surely the local Dems in his community will use zoning laws and other ways to shut that down fast.

House arrest would be the icing on the cake for the end game of the judge and his Democrat friends. The cherry on top…the feather in his cap. After all, the judge doesn’t want to have to incarcerate the Secret Service right next to Orange Man Bad, does he?

That would probably be a bad look, not to mention somehow totally illegal to jail people who were never convicted of anything. Plus throwing Trump in a REAL jail would most likely be the final nail in Biden’s electoral coffin, make Trump a martyr and potentially make January 6th look like a picnic when his fervent supporters go apocalyptic (which is what Dems want to happen.)

Cheating is the only way Dems know how to win.

Ultimately, the Democrats’ endgame seems clear – as it always has been: interfere with the election by keeping Trump away from the public…Although the Democrats would LOVE to see Trump in prison stripes, it would be victory enough to keep Trump off the campaign trail and confined to his home, ensuring he runs his 2024 campaign from his living room instead of rallies.

Although, what the Dems don’t ever count on is that Trump is pretty crafty and creative. He probably already has his own end game in mind and ideas on how to get around the election interference that the Biden Election Protection Team has come up with.

The lengths the Dems are willing to go to thwart his presidential bid are astonishing, but the American people are finally seeing through this charade – at least the ones whose glasses aren’t permanently etched with TDS.