The Democrats are grabbing hold of anything…anything…that makes President Biden look competent. And the newly released job numbers showing 303,000 jobs added in March are throwing leftists into fits of financial orgasms.

Politico calls the report a “blockbuster.”

MSNBC calls the economy “booming” and says that Fox News has to admit as much. They add that the “strong job numbers remind voters how President Biden has cleaned up Trump’s economic mess.” Yeah right.

The democrats and their media friends continue to gaslight us on crime and the economy.

Gaslighting has become a well-practiced tactic among Democrats and their left-wing buddies in the media and they are continuing to fully embrace it as a key strategy for the upcoming presidential election.

The New York Daily News goes another step farther touting President Dementia’s job numbers saying, “Crime is down and the economy is up.” LOL.

How many of you out there can buy as many groceries for $100 as you could under President Trump? How many are paying higher gas prices? How many are paying higher utility prices? Vet bills? How expensive is your “value” meal at McDonald’s?

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Does your “dollar” store still sells things for a dollar? Not anymore – not under Biden. How many of you feel safe walking around a medium or large-sized city these days? Not many of you, I imagine.

99¢ store going out of business – “Bidenomics” killed them.

In fact, the store “99 Cents Only” is going out of business, closing all 371 locations soon. Wanna know why? Crime and inflation – something that the Democrats are pretending doesn’t exist.

Looking deeper into Biden’s job numbers, which were released from the Biden administration’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, an agency within Biden’s Department of Labor, there are a lot of explanation for the numbers…numbers the Democrats aren’t telling you about.

The “government” is filling lots of jobs.

Fist of all, Government jobs are up (shocking!).

So is construction (seasonal – and boosted by all of the housing grants from the government).

And it’s a jobs number that will most likely be revised down later (and ignored). Another biggie: the job gains are part-time jobs. ZeroHedge, a prominent financial news and opinion blog, published its own

analysis indicating that the bulk of employment growth stemmed from part-time positions, with a concurrent decrease in full-time employment.

From the Street Pro (a company that covers companies changing the world and moving the markets): “Part-time jobs showed a massive increase of 525K for March, up from an increase of 107K in February. That means that full-time jobs were lost on a net basis in March.”

Illegal aliens to the rescue.

And what’s the BIGGEST takeaway? It’s how many of those jobs that are filled by illegal aliens. Yes, we can’t know exactly how many – and that’s how the Democrat Party likes it. They don’t want us to know how many American citizens don’t have jobs because of the open borders. More than we can probably even guess, I’m sure.

There are millions and millions and millions of illegal aliens that have been added to the labor market and those with any sort of credibility have been pointing it out.

However, the Biden administration is so giddy about the numbers that White House Deputy Communications Director Herbie Ziskend is using the word “Bidenomics” again even though they’ve been keeping the term under wraps recently.