It looks like the White House and their Democrat cohorts are bidding adieu to “Bidenomics,” the once-gleaming moniker for President Joe Biden’s economic escapades. According to Axios, the term has been gathering dust faster than a forgotten penny under the couch.

President Biden himself has given “Bidenomics” the cold shoulder since January 25th, except for a recent slip-up in North Carolina. Even during the State of the Union in March, the term was absent.

Democrats in Congress have also been stingier with their “Bidenomics” mentions, dropping from 483 in July to a measly 10 in March.

Yes, reality about the economy has put “Bidenomics” into stealth mode. People can see with their own eyes how much money they have. And how much less they have under a Biden presidency. So no amount of Bidenomics spin is going to do President Disaster any good.

Even Old Joey Biden doesn’t even know what the term means. “I don’t know what the hell that is,” Biden had said in a speech in Philadelphia earlier in the year.