The Michigan presidential primary election is early this year (Feb. 27) thanks to the Democrats who don’t like the fact that white, Christian states like Iowa and New Hampshire are always Eirst in line to the polls. So they moved things around so that South Carolina and Michigan are earlier in the calendar for 2024.

Early presidential primary in Michigan is a FUBAR

Because of that, the Michigan GOP had to scramble and make an agreement with the National Republican Committee (RNC) so that all of their delegates will be accepted and counted at the National Republican Convention in July.

Part of that agreement is to dilute our votes so that they are only represented by a fraction of the delegates that will be awarded to winning candidates. The others will be awarded based on district caucuses and votes by party insiders.

Will the Real Michigan Republican Party Please Stand Up?

We currently have a complete FUBAR mess that is otherwise known as the Michigan Republican Party. In fact, we presently have two parties, two Chairs, and two websites.

Because many of the state’s committee members think that original party chair Kristina Karamo is an abject failure, they wrote and published a 140-page report titled, “The Failed Leadership of the Karamo Administration.” The report documents the problems with the Chair and her administration including being in debt, a lack of fundraising for candidates, mismanagement of Einances and many other things.

So a group of members, saying that they followed the party’s bylaws, held a meeting and voted Karamo out of her Chair position. Karamo’s group had their own meeting and voted out the folks who were involved in the coup.

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So what we have now are statements from both factions saying each is in charge and alleging that the other party is illegitimate. We have two parties holding meetings and elections and two parties who, if not stopped, could be having their own conventions and sending their own delegates to the National Republican Convention in July.

Lawsuits and letters sent

We also have Karamo’s faction sending cease and desist letters out to multiple people alleging trademark infringement, copyright infringement and defamation of character.

On the other side, we have a new lawsuit by the MIGOP #2 against the Karamo MIGOP. According to the Detroit News, they are suing to get a judge to ofEicially declare that Karamo has been removed as the Chairwoman of the state’s GOP, alleging breach of contract after Karamo violated party bylaws.

Also over the weekend, MIGOP #2 voted in former Ambassador and Congressman Pete Hoekstra as their new Chair.

And is RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel doing a darn thing about the whole mess? No. She has made no public statements about which MIGOP party is the legitimate one. On the RNC website, however, they list Karamo as the current Chair of the state party.

So devoid of any official statements about the situation from McDaniel, we should assume that the national party’s position is that Karamo is the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party unless we are told otherwise by the RNC or a judge.

The real disappointment in this whole thing is that no one seems to be doing what the MIGOP is supposed to be doing i.e. fundraising for the candidates (95% of their job) and getting Republicans to the polls to vote.

So heads up to political candidates in Michigan: unless things change fast soon, you are on your own.

Dead people still on the voter rolls thanks to Democratic Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson

Yes, dead people are allowed to vote in Michigan. Or at least those who claim they are those folks can. The RNC did an analysis that showed 55 Michigan’s 83 counties have more registered voters than adults over the age of 18, according to the Detroit Free Press.

RNC Chairwoman McDaniel says about the situation, “More than 50 Michigan counties have a 100% or higher rate of voter registration. This is mathematically impossible and means that ineligible voters are on the rolls ahead of the upcoming 2024 election. The RNC is demanding that Michigan ensure only eligible voters can vote and will take legal action to ensure that outcome if necessary.”

SOS Jocelyn Benson didn’t respond to McDaniel’s claims because she is already in an ongoing lawsuit on a similar claim brought two years ago.

Will the voter rolls be cleaned up before any of the elections this year? That’s highly doubtful.

You are who you say you are when voting in Michigan, no ID needed

So why are clean voter rolls important?

Because driver’s licenses and IDs aren’t needed to vote in Michigan. All you need to do is claim who you say you are by signing an affidavit attesting that you are not in possession of picture identification. Gee, what could possibly go wrong with a rule like that??!

Implementing new Michigan voting laws isn’t going smoothly

Early voting, a permanent absentee voting list and many other “rights” voted for by Michiganders and written into the Michigan Constitution in 2022 by Michigan Democrats are making city, county and township clerks across the state scramble to catch up.

In October, NBC did a story on how the laws will require clerks to “deploy new poll workers, new processes and new software they haven’t yet seen.”

And a new report out of northern Michigan’s 9&10 News shows that things haven’t changed much since then.

No voting machines, no e-poll books, limited time for training

All of the election laws the Michigan Dems are implementing under their new voting legislation and rules are causing problems according to some local clerks who are going on record saying that they still don’t have the needed resources available to them.

Isabella County Clerk Minde Lux told 9&10 News in an interview last week that they still haven’t gotten their e-Poll books yet. She said, “Our first time ever, we’re still waiting on equipment from the state of Michigan, our poll box that we need to utilize and figure out on our own first and how we’re supposed to utilize them.”

And when their equipment and other resources finally DO arrive, training will be needed – and quickly because of the required nine days of early voting.

The Democratic-led voting changes are not cheap for the localities either. Lux said, “It cost us $7,000 just to put stamps and all these notices of the nine-day election. It’s costing the state hundreds of thousands to do this also.”

Voting district? What voting district?

I don’t pretend to understand all of the nuances, nonsense and nincompoopery going on involving the Citizens Redistricting Commission and their perceived “racist” district maps.

But the situation is so bad that Democratic Michigan SOS Benson is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to allow the state to hold state House elections this year using the CURRENT “racist” district maps. She claims there is an “unknown potential for error and voter confusion in the impacted districts” ahead of the August primary election.

This is the result of a federal court ruling that said 13 state legislative districts violated the Voting Rights Act by diluting Black voter representation in Detroit. After that, some commissioners left and new ones were appointed.

The Michigan “Independent” Citizens Redistricting Commission appealed the court ruling. But in the meantime, the commissioners are currently under the gun to draw up new maps by Feb. 2nd.

Then there is a short public comment period ending Feb. 23rd and after that the courts will make a Einal decision about the maps by March 29th. That date is only about three weeks before the April 23rd candidate filing deadline.

So who is running for office and where? Who is voting where? And where will the results be counted? Who knows.

Who’s on the ballot?

Is Trump going to be on the ballot in Michigan? How about anywhere else? Your guess is as good as mine. The Democrats, who say they are all about democracy, are anti-democratically trying to boot their main competitor off of the primary and general presidential ballots all across the country.

Will it work? Probably not. But that won’t stop them from trying – and creating more uncertainty and chaos in our elections.

The bottom line

So just keep this in mind…

When the Democrats tell you that TRUMP is a threat to democracy, that is a complete and total joke when you look at what the Democrats have been up to, especially as it pertains to elections.

They use their lawsuits, their rules, their legislation, their incompetency at all levels, their protests, their friends at the nonprofit groups, and their lies – all of the never-ending B.S. they participate in – to interfere in our elections. Why? To make sure they wipe the field of any competition. Their goal is the true destruction of our democratic process.

Dems are masters in the art of throwing our elections into chaos, disorder, turmoil, confusion, anarchy, pandemonium, and bedlam – nowhere more evident than in the state of Michigan.

If you want a free and fair election in Michigan (or the country), you are definitely out of luck thanks to the undemocratic Democratic Party.