In the world of Bidenomics where inflation has made our lives miserable, we’re all getting used to getting a lot less than we used to get and paying a lot more for it.

Elon Musk is one of the leaders of this movement.

This article could be called “Elon Sucks – part 6” in my series of anti-Musk articles. And my disclaimer is that Steve Gruber doesn’t agree with my assessment of Musk. Gruber still thinks that Musk is some kind of genius. But he is allowed to be wrong. Gruber will probably support the dude up to the point where he shows up to his house and steals one of his chickens.

Sure, Musk is hailed as a hero for exposing the censorship by the government and their media and social media friends – but that’s something we already knew was happening. It’s not like he uncovered some big unknown truth. He just confirmed what we already knew.

And since Musk took over Twitter, he’s been making bizarre and ridiculous changes to Twitter/X and re- naming the company is just one of his many mis-steps.

Six months after Elon changed the name of the platform, people are still not embracing the “X” name and are calling it “formerly known as Twitter.” And still, the big brands like Coca-Cola, AT&T, General Mills and Walmart still have Twitter logos on their website to link to – not X logos.

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And the biggest laugh of all…if you look at the top of your browser, you are still on

So far, Musk has taken away things that X/Twitter users had in the past, giving us less value for his never-improving service including…

Planning to do away with the blocking feature.

Announcing a limit to the amount of tweets/x’s you can read.

Discussing the collection of biometric and employment data.

Not allowing the headlines of news stories to show up in feeds.

And his latest move is to have two tiers of subscriptions. If you’re a regular bloke and don’t want to pay the gazillionaire for a premium account, you will have to read lots and lots of ads in your feed.

But it sounds like we still WILL have to pay some sort of fee according to his quote, “One is lower cost with all features, but no reduction in ads and the other is more expensive, but has no ads.”

I predict that this will be final nail in the coffin for Twitter/X. Users are NOT going to pay a subscription fee for what he is offering.

What value has Musk added to the platform? None. He hasn’t even kept our services “even” to what they was before. Why would we pay more for less?

And while Musk is seen as a hero for the first amendment, he’s only transferred the powers that the government had to censor us into his own lap. We don’t seem to have all that much freedom or choices under the Musk X platform. We are just stuck with the scraps that he’s willing to provide us with.