Usually when you own a company, you try to give your customers a good product – a value. Over time, you work to improve your product or service. But that’s not what is happening with the great Elon Musk and Twitter/X.

The fact that we can’t just call Elon’s social platform “X” says it all about the state of uncertainty he has created. His users have not accepted his new name and branding –

and I’m not sure if they ever will. They are mostly calling the platform “X, formerly known as Twitter.”

While Musk was embraced by many non-censorship folks after buying Twitter and exposing their censorship ties with the Biden administration, since then, he’s gone off the rails with bad marketing and policy decisions.

Soon after renaming the well-known platform, Musk announced that he’s going to do away with the blocking feature so that trolls and idiots can harass his users. That hasn’t been met with any support by either his users or the media.

Then he announced videos and calls that would be coming to Twitter/X. Sorry, but my followers are NOT my friends, they are followers…strangers. And I don’t want them calling me. Will I be able to BLOCK them?? Probably not.

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And now Musk wants to collect biometric and employment data on us for “safety, security, and identification purposes”??? Uh, no again. A hard no.

Stay out of my life, Elon. Stay out of data mining me and stop offering “services” that nobody wants.

Twitter/X is not the be-all and end-all to life. It’s easily deleted. Once Musk realizes that, the better off he’ll be. If he doesn’t, he will end up X-ing himself right out of the social media space.