First they came for your light bulbs. And you said nothing. Then they came for your gas stoves and you laughed.

Then they told you that your dishwashers weren’t going to be able to dishwasher very well because they were going to regulate them so you get less water and less energy – and still you did nothing.

Now, the evil communist party of Democrats has their sights set on vending machines because Energy Secretary (and previous horrible Michigan governor) Jennifer Granholm says that they are scourge of the world and must be dealt with in order to prevent climate change.

Yes, vending machines, the purveyors of cold and delicious beverages full of Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew, orange drinks and even water.

Jen says that the Biden folks are going to use “all of the tools at our disposal to save Americans money while promoting innovations that will reduce carbon pollution and combat the climate crisis.”

Yep, fixing the evils of beverage vending machines will certainly fix the climate crisis, all right. Appliance standards are the wave of the future (and the present) and are sure to take everyone back into the 1880’s – which is pretty much what Democrats are working towards as they try to get rid of fossil fuel and we all end up riding horses to work.

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But I’m sure that the new tools that Jen is using against our evil vending machines are sure to save us all, one Pepsi at a time – just maybe not a very cold Pepsi by the time the new rules are implemented.