Take a look around you. There’s nothing that isn’t regulated by the federal government. Your pen, your computer, your refrigerator, your toilet, your light bulbs… but that’s not good enough. They keep coming for you and your stuff.

When you warned all of your friends and family that they were coming for everyone’s gas stoves, they laughed at you. But it’s happening. And if the federal government isn’t after you, your leftist state probably is. In Michigan, they’re looking to ban your balloons and legislate the kind of batteries that you have in your smoke alarms.

On the federal level, now they are after your dishwashers. Just in case your dishwasher doesn’t suck enough getting those crusty food stains off your bowls and dishes, the government is coming along to make sure you use far less water and energy to get the job done. The Washington Times reports that the feds released proposed efficiency rules to reduce water usage in dishwashers by more than one-third and cut the energy used by 27%.

Even though many appliances currently on the market need the government’s “Energy Star” levels, that’s not good enough for the Democrats. They keep pushing and pushing.

Officials in the Communist Party of Biden say that we’ll save a whopping $17 on energy and water costs under their new rules. I’m sure that price increases from the appliance folks will more than make up for that.

The Biden administration is great at making us pay more for less in their race to the bottom. Their plan to de-evolve the country and get rid of American greatness is more efficient than any of our future appliances are going to be.