The Democrats are up in arms about the “banning” of books (pornography) going on in schools and libraries around the country – while at the same time spending their time trying to ban gas stoves, dishwashers, vending machines and now chocolate milk.

The leftists are completely racist in this one with their anti-chocolate milk crusade. They also don’t like strawberry either so they are working to ban colored and flavored milk from schools across the nation.

Why? Because the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) says they have too much added sugars.

Their stated goal is to lower the risk of childhood obesity and reduce the likeliness of developing other long-term diseases.

But what they really want is to control everyone and virtue signal.

I have a relative who works in a school and I am here to tell you what a complete joke the school lunch program is. Because the schools get paid by the feds to hand out so many free lunches, they make sure that every student gets exactly the same thing. About 21 million kids to be exact.

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Don’t like broccoli? Too bad. You have to take it. You want two portions of mashed potatoes and gravy? Too bad. Eat the other stuff on your plate instead.

Don’t like white milk? You’ll get one anyway. The feds would prefer that kids throw away their box of white milk they don’t like instead of drinking a chocolate or strawberry milk. If the little kiddos don’t get any calcium for the day, too bad for them.

The garbage barrels in the schools are full every day of wasted food, some days more heavier than others depending on what the discarded item of the day is – with lots and lots of cartons of non-opened white milk helping to fill up those barrels.

A 2019 study in Massachusetts found that when kids were offered plain skim or 1% milk at school (no flavors), less than 57% choose to drink it – but when offered plain and flavored, 94% drank milk. It’s not hard to figure out that kids like flavored beverages.

However, with Democrats in charge, anything that Americans enjoy – or makes our lives easier – must be banned immediately.