Greta Thunberg, the Climate Change darling of the world, gave up her green energy campaign recently to protest against a wind farm because they are trying to develop their clean energy on the land of indigenous people.

This is what happens when the leftists have their ideological and voting blocs clash. They have to pick one movement against another when their causes go up against one another.

It’s not the first time. And it almost always has to do with their climate change movement.

There is wild life vs. wind farms. The windmills are currently winning as I pointed out in an earlier article.

There are whales vs. wind farms.

And now we have indigenous people vs. wind farms.

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According to Fox News, climate change activist Thunberg chained herself to the entrance of the Norway Ministry of Energy on Monday of this week “to protest wind turbines operating on lands used by the Sami Indigenous people to herd reindeer.”

Young Greta protested with other activists, mostly teenagers, and said that “green should not come at the expense of indigenous rights.”

Will she be protesting for the whales next? Stay tuned..