It’s an epic battle between good and evil. Right and wrong. A battle between the climate change nuts who want to get rid of fossil fuel and the animal lovers.

I was surprised long ago that the so-called animal “rights” folks didn’t band together (hey, PETA, where were you???) when the windmills first went up and birds were being killed. The animal rights industry has always had a massive and large voice – and lots of money. So where were they? Why did the windmills win and the birds lose?

An article by the American Bird Conservancy in January of 2021 estimated that, when looking at different studies, that there was anywhere from 234,000 to 573,093 bird fatalities every year from windmills. That’s a genocide. A Birdocide. And that was from 2013-2014 data. There have been a LOT more wind mills that have gone up since then. A LOT more.

Nevertheless, the climate change freaks (with the help of Democrat legislators and lots of leftist money) continue to merrily march on with their wind farms.

But now we have possible issues with whales.

And there is finally some pushback against the wind farms that the leftists have been installing all over the country. Will the crazies from the animal rights movement be the ones who finally stop the crazies from the climate change movement? Will the animal rights folks stop the climate change folks from forcing us all into using skateboards and horses to get around once fossil fuel is gone and our energy runs out?

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With 18 whales being found dead along the East Coast since December 1st, ten washing ashore in New York and New Jersey, people are looking for answers and many are blaming the wind farms and the government fast-tracking offshore wind development projects.

Some lawmakers want a pause in ocean-floor preparation work for offshore wind projects in New Jersey and New York but there are leftists who call the allegations “unfounded” and “premature” among other things. They often choose the side of the “environment” over the people and creatures living in that environment. They want to move ahead with their wind plans without looking into the matter at all.

The Sierra Club wants no action taken, blaming vessel strikes and fishing equipment on the whale deaths. Anjuli Ramos-Busot, the New Jersey director of the Sierra Club said, “Blaming offshore wind projects on whale mortality without evidence is not only irresponsible but overshadows the very real threats of climate change, plastic pollution, and unsustainable fishery management practices to these animals.”

There are others, however, who want to find out what is going on. That includes the “Clean Ocean Action” group which put together a coalition of groups that sent President Biden a letter that calls for an investigation into the matter and a “hard stop” on all existing offshore wind industry development activities.

It’s a good thing that this is all happening in and around beaches because the leftists certainly have their head in the SAND. It’s what they do when they want to move ahead with their plans regardless of any reality that they might have to deal with.