FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) money is supposed to be used for actual disasters that happen in America to Americans – floods, fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

However, the “About Us” information on FEMA’S website is incredibly vague and pretty much explains how the federal government can use our taxpayer however they want. It says “our mission is helping people before, during and after disasters.”

And the federal government gets to define what a disaster is. With cities declaring a “state of emergency” because of the illegal aliens invading them, it’s the federal government to the rescue with our tax dollars.

Because this Democrat-created “emergency” of crime, chaos and all kinds of other problems is happening with their open borders, the Democrats are handing out lots and lots of FEMA money so that city and state governments as well as non-profits have the resources to help out the illegal aliens.

But helping out illegal aliens with our tax money is nothing new – and it’s not even just the Democrats. I went on the FEMA website and did a search to see what FEMA has been up to and back in 2019 (during Trump!) FEMA awarded $30 million in supplemental “humanitarian” funding to the National Board for Emergency Food and Shelter Program. The money was used for social service organizations providing assistance on or after January 1, 2019 to migrants from the southern border released from DHS custody.

This Emergency Food and Shelter Program is what the federal government uses to funnel money out to governments and non-profits to take care of illegal aliens. Back when Trump did it, it went to Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. But more states are needing it now as the federal government ships the illegal aliens all over the country in buses and planes.

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Recently, in December, Eric Adams, the Mayor of NYC, got a bunch of the money. He asked for a billion but the poor dude only got $7.8 million. But don’t worry – he’ll ask for more. And probably get it. According to the New York Post, it came from a last-minute bump in federal funding allocated to the Food and Shelter program for 2022. Politico says NYC spend about $366 million on illegal aliens last year and the amount will rise to about $2 billion through June of 2023.

Local governments and non-profits in NYC and elsewhere are using the pot of taxpayer-funded FEMA money to provide services and housing to all of the poor illegal aliens who need food and supplies –

you know, hotel rooms, food, cell phones, baby strollers and more. And they’re very appreciate for all of the help as I documented in a recent article that exposes them trashing a NYC hotel and throwing away the food given to them.

If you go on the FEMA website, you can find press releases about all kinds of money handed out to this food and shelter program to use for illegal aliens. $510 million in March of 2021. $75 million in December of 2022…A million here, a million there…I’m sure I missed others disbursements along the way…

And here’s the kicker…in addition to handing out money for illegal alien resources, they’re also wasting our money with DEI and climate change.

As one would expect with the Biden administration, their Strategic Plan (for 2022-26) has three “ambitious goals.”

Guess what’s numero uno??

Yep, you guessed it!


As if that isn’t bad enough, we have number two…


And way down at number three…


Yes, actually doing the job they are supposed to be doing is number THREE.

As we continue to see evidence of everyday, Democrats have completely destroyed every governmental department in the United States with their political B.S.