Instead of helping homeless veterans, disabled people or the elderly, NYC is spending taxpayer money to pay for hotel rooms for unvetted illegal aliens.

And NYC isn’t the only place spending boat loads of taxpayer money to pay to take care of illegal aliens in order to secure future Democrat votes. With the help of the federal government’s open border system to process and move as many illegal aliens into the United States as possible, as well as state and federal legislation and grant money so that the demographics of our country are changed permanently, leftists all over the country are doing what they can to make life easy and carefree for the invaders.

Fox News recently reported a whistleblower who says that many of the ungrateful (my words) illegal aliens staying at the NYC Row hotel are drinking all day, smoking pot, doing drugs, having sex in the stairways, throwing away food given to them, trashing their rooms and are involved in domestic violence incidents.

The whistleblower employee, Felipe Rodriguez, told The Ingraham Angle that the chaos going on at his hotel is a disgrace. I have to wonder how much longer this poor guy will be able to keep his job. And when will the IRS go after him? Soon, I am sure.

Rodriguez says the illegal aliens are throwing out the food given to them shows in his photos trash bag after trash bag of the waste. But why eat peanut butter sandwiches when you can use Biden bucks and money and gift cards from the NGOs, nonprofits and the Catholic churches to call Door Dash?

And as for the government, why spend taxpayer money on veterans or homeless Americans when you can pander to the illegal aliens instead?

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Currently, there are illegal aliens in about 14 hotels in NYC so this kind of behavior is most likely happening all over the city.

Rodriguez says the employees have lost control over the hotel and the illegal aliens are doing whatever they want. He also reports sickness among the hotel “guests” who are spreading diseases like chicken pox and COVID-19.

The photos and videos of the trashed rooms in The Ingraham Angle segment show all of the goodies that the leftist have been handing out to the illegal aliens either directly or bought by the money given to them: clothes, stuffed animals, soccer balls, medicine, cereal, playpens, baby buggies, video games, shoes, hot plates, beer, marijuana, pots, pans, and more.

There is chaos… something that the Democrats thrive on to win elections. And it’s happening in at least one hotel in NYC because of WHO is invading our country – and it’s something that you see on your TV every night (unless you are watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or ABC).

It’s young men from lawless countries who have nothing to do all day – and who are given free stuff by the Democrat party.