The country is going to hell in a hand basket and most of the Republicans seem to be sitting on their rear ends. Where is the urgency to stop the madness and fix anything? Where are the alarm bells? Where are the lists of promises about what they intend to do if they are victorious in November and win the House and Senate? What are their plans?

Who the heck knows.

As long as they have a job, most of them don’t seem to care if they are in power or not. They certainly don’t seem to care about being vocal about stopping the destruction of our country.

I can count on my two hands the number of Republican politicians I actually trust to adhere to the Constitution and fight for America first.

They have no unified agenda, no voice to promote America first.
How do they plan to stop inflation?
What are their plans to stop crime and the lawlessness that has taken over the country? What are they doing to stop the invasion of our country at the southern border?
What are they doing to ensure voting integrity?

We keep hearing about a red wave that’s going to come because of the destruction that the democrats have caused in all areas of our lives. But where is the evidence of that and how are the Republicans assuring us that they can handle the task of reversing course?

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Everyone seems to think that common sense will prevail and people will stop voting for democrats but I am not so sure. I am not INSPIRED to run out and vote for most Republicans. Most of the time, my vote is just for the lesser of two evils.

Republicans don’t seem to be doing much to actually win themselves a red wave except putting an “R” next to their names. There is no action plan to reverse course being outlined and promoted every day to push back against the democrats.

No contract with America. No Contract with the American Voter like Trump made for his 100- day-action plan with which he delivered great success.

Talk show host Dan Bongino says all the time, “The Republicans may not be the solution to your problems, but the CAUSE of your problems is most definitely the democrats.”

That may be true. But it’s not good enough. Because without solutions, the problems remain.