This is a follow up article to a recent piece regarding a national divorce. I proposed the three West Coast states leave the union and form a socialist multiculty country of their own. That way, we are rid of them and a limited government majority is likely in remaining America. They get to govern themselves as they see fit. Everybody wins and we get the popcorn to watch their inevitable decline into further chaos and poverty.

After reading it, a reader sent me a missive. He said it was an interesting hypothesis, but the exact nature of the opening gambits needed to be fleshed out, as they would decide the rest of the scenario. He had a point. Thus to me, two questions predominate, who makes the move for separation first and is the process non-violent or violent? My prediction, we make the move. That leaves two scenarios.

1) Non-violent: It’s as I implied in the first piece. The period of a great 50-50 political divide gets worse. Sporadic violence against business and government breaks out in major cities. Police stand by and watch, as ordered by city government. Democrats are harassed and worse in conservative areas. Something has to be done or full out civil war will ensue. States in the South, Midwest, and West, basically the states who voted Republican in 2016, call a convention of the states. The move is sanctioned by the Supreme Court. At this gathering an agreement is hashed out with Democrat states that is finalized in the “Pacifica” scenario of secession. After a dangerous transition period of cross migration lasting over a year, the new borders are set. Likelihood? 30 percent.

2) Violent: A Democrat administration in Washington, perhaps this one, tries a power grab that goes a step too far. It may be over guns, the First Amendment, public health mandates, or education. Certain states, led by Texas, refuse to comply. The Supreme Court rules for the states. The administration gives orders for the forcible execution of the edict, regardless of the high court. Certain governors announce that their National Guard units will refuse to obey federal orders to enforce the administration diktat. In a red state a skirmish breaks out between opposing National Guard and Army Reserve forces. It is over quickly, as the federal troops mostly walk away rather than fire on fellow Americans. In blue states, federal troops, aided by enthusiastic state officials, harshly execute the federal plan. There is uncoordinated resistance to the Feds and in one incident local blue National Guard forces massacre a community of unarmed resisters. Hundreds are murdered. The Civil War is on, again. Likelihood? 40 percent.

Neither of these scenarios are etched in stone. But the possibility of the second scenario makes the first one necessary. We are past the point of no return. Any American cultural consensus is gone. We are no longer one people. Thus, we should no longer be one nation.