Two and a half years ago the stage was already set. I wrote about it in another publication. Now, after the California recall vote, the case is made again. Lose three stars on the flag.

The next Republican president needs to call in the assuredly Democrat governors of California, Oregon, and Washington state. He or she must make them an offer and then turn to the governor of California and ask, “Wanna be a president?” The details? I’ll quote myself.

“Modeled after the Indian partition of 1947, without the initial bloodshed and decades of cold and hot war, the Bolshie states of Washington, Oregon, and California peacefully divorce from the Union, or we throw them out after a constitutional convention. Their Americans and our Bolshies are encouraged, even with government travel vouchers, to emigrate across the new border. We get back a clear limited government majority and maybe even a sane Democratic Party. They get the multiculty socialist regime they claim they want so much. We retain all our military bases like Ord, San Diego, Lewis, Bremerton, March AFB, etc. Defense-wise it’s kind of like our relationship with the Canadians. If Canada wants in on the action of joining with the new country or us, maybe we can consider it. The United States of North America? Not a bad ring to it.” If you utilize the link above you can get the full story as originally written.

Oh noooo, say some. Again, me. “Now you’re saying, Omigod! How could you? This is the U.S. from sea to shining sea! That can’t change! Oh really? What, are we immune from the laws of history because we’re the United States? Hardly. For Ireland was once part of Great Britain, Algeria part of France, Poland belonged to Russia, and on and on.” But enough of my former sagacity. And remember, this is two and a half years ago.

This is before George Floyd, before the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, before the impeachments, before the 2020 election, before Biden, before Afghanistan, before right this minute. All of the above make a case for a national divorce just as forcefully, if not more so, than the events that preceded them and that were the circumstances of my original writing.

If the results of the 2020 presidential election don’t make this point then nothing will. We’ve had close elections before, 1960. We’ve had potentially stolen elections before, 1960. We’ve had viciously contentious elections before, all the way back to 1800. But after those the nation settled down and accepted the results. Not only that, but the national elites were relatively, relative to today, evenly divided in their loyalties to the contending candidates. Do those two factors seem operative now? No. We may be beyond the point of no return. In fact, we are. To avoid eventual bloodshed, we need to lose three stars on the American flag. Soon.