FINALLY, after about a year of the country being on fire, Biden has addressed the crime problem. He did this by not addressing the crime problem.

The Democrats created the crime problem to begin with and won’t admit to their part in our current crime wave throughout the United States.

What brought about the rise of crime across the country, especially in Democrat run cities? That’s easy to answer. A plethora of policies and behaviors that the Democrats are responsible for…

George Floyd riots.

Arson and attacks on police with no consequences.

Defunding police.

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Demoralizing police.

Attacking the police – on the job and at home.

Tying the hands of police to do their job.

Letting every illegal alien known to man through our borders.

Contributing to sex and drug trafficking with anti-American policies at the borders.

Not deporting illegal alien criminals and setting up sanctuary cities to protect criminals.

Letting criminals get reduced sentences over and over again.

Letting criminals get out of jail without bail.

Not prosecuting people of color for political reasons.

Letting criminals out of jail using the excuse of COVID-19.

Letting criminals steal stuff up to $950 without charging them with a felony and giving them fines that are usually less than the amount they stole. 

Progressive George Soros DA’s not prosecuting criminals.

Not seeking the death penalty in heinous crimes.

Getting rid of sentencing enhancements.

There you go. The list is probably longer but those are just the things that automatically come to mind.

Those are the ROOT CAUSES of the crime wave. It’s all Democrat-induced.

The Democrats have fomented this crime wave. THEY are responsible.

Clueless Biden laughably spoke at the White House on Wednesday to try to pretend that his administration is going to solve the crime problem.

Yeah, right.

And, as usual, the answer to everything is gun control.

But crime happens because of criminals, not guns. 

How did Biden address the rise in sexual assaults which often don’t involve guns? He didn’t. It’s a rise in criminal behavior, not a rise in guns going off by themselves.

And the Democrats are doing everything they can to side with the criminals. So crime isn’t going down anytime soon until Republicans take over these crime-ridden cities.

Biden has no answers because his party caused the problem and they’re not willing to stop what they are doing because it’s all political. They’re just trying to spin things so all of the crime and deaths don’t look so bad.

Biden and his Democrat gun-grabbing buddies want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens and put us on a list. That’s pretty much their only goal as far as crime goes. Not to protect anyone.

I have a REAL suggestion to help solve crimes. When I watch my crime shows, the criminals – especially the murders – usually have a rap sheet a mile long.

I like the three strikes law but it doesn’t go far enough. It needs to be implemented in two other ways. 

If a criminal is convicted on domestic violence three times, even if a misdemeanor, they should go to jail for at least 50 years – same with anyone who commits any kind of crime with a gun.

It’s called consequences. And if consequences don’t work as a deterrent, they can at least put the really bad apples behind bars for a long long time.