Democrats are unserious people as evidenced on Twitter when more people were Tweeting about the fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head than were talking about the debate. 

There’s a good reason for the interest in the fly though because Kamala sucked.

Pence got Harris to say at least three times that Biden is not banning fracking. I’m sure that was good news to Biden’s leftist base.

Harris said that Biden has been very clear on the subject. Pence gave her a little chuckle over that one and she shot him a dirty look. He kept pushing her until she had to say, “I will repeat … Joe Biden will NOT ban fracking – that is a fact.”

Pence also pushed the issue of Biden repealing Trump’s tax cuts which gives an average family a savings of $2,000 a year. This is very true. I know because I get back about that much of my own money. 

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But Harris continued with the Biden lie about not taxing people who make over $400,000. They are liars, plain and simple. Pence asked her, “Is he (Biden) only going to repeal part of the tax cuts?”

No answer.

Pence also pushed back about the Biden/Harris lies about Charlottesville, the lie about Trump calling the troops suckers and losers, and many other things that haven’t gotten the airtime that they deserve.

Pence defended Trump’s COVID-19 response and pushed back against Biden’s pandemic plan which isn’t really a plan at all. Pence said it sounded like Trump’s plan. He said it “looks like plagiarism which Biden knows about.”

Harris scolded Pence several times by telling him “I’m speaking” like an upset mother not winning an argument with their child.

Maybe that’s why the fly went over to visit Pence. 

It was more hospitable on the other side of the plexiglass just like it is for most Americans. 

The fly knows what’s going on.

After all, Biden immediately fundraised off the fly with a picture of a fly swatter.

Not exactly tolerant or pro-life.