For those of you following the story of Michigan barber, Karl Manke, you have probably heard that the tyrannical Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her sidekick Attorney General, Dana Nessel, suspended Manke’s barber license last night with no due process. 

His attorney, Dave Kallman, said, “It’s pure retribution. It’s abuse of power: How dare you stand up to me?” 

The incompetent agency that Whitmer and Nessel used to go after Manke is LARA which is Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. They regulate all kinds of businesses and professions – barbers, veterinarians, beauty pageants, beekeepers, fortune tellers, garbage haulers… basically anything that moves so they can get a licensing fee and have control over them. 

Manke’s license is a two year license and costs $60 to renew. LARA isn’t even competent enough to update their website because as of the writing of this article it still says that his license is active through January 28, 2022. 

In order to get his license, Manke had to fill out an application that said he has good moral character with the ability to serve the public in a fair, honest and open manner. Pretty sure he’s got that covered. Too bad Whitmer and Nessel can’t say the same thing. 

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Funny how all of a sudden, this incompetent agency is totally on the ball going after Manke. They certainly weren’t concerned, vigilant, effective or efficient when it came to going after Lowell veterinarian and registered sex offender Bruce Langlois when he was traveling all over the state, leaving behind sick and dead pets. 

LARA had ample evidence that Langlois was a menace to pet owners dating back to 1996. It took them almost 20 years to finally revoke his veterinary license. 

Langlois owned and operated the “Spay Neuter Express” which was a mobile veterinary bus that went all over the state offering low cost spay and neuter services for individual pet owners, animal shelters and rescue groups. 

Langlois received all kinds of due process while he was operating his spay/neuter bus. Over the years, Langlois got plenty of second, third and twentieth chances to get his license back. Suspensions, fines, probation, reinstatements, suspensions, fines, probation, suspensions, fines. probation… Over and over again…It was only when Attorney General Bill Schuette got involved when Langlois’ veterinary license was finally revoked in 2015. 

Besides being a registered sex offender and parking his bus too close to a school, Langlois had a long list of complaints against him which finally led to his license being revoked. 

LARA received complaints about Langlois using unlicensed and untrained people to anesthetize animals who didn’t monitor their care; animals were not examined before being anesthetized; there was negligence/failure to give due care and supervise staff; he practiced veterinary medicine while his license was suspended; there was improper records of controlled substances; failure to sterilize surgical instruments; he mixed his own controlled substances; there was no changing of gloves or washing hands between procedures; and more. The list is long and it’s all on the LARA website. 

When his bus rolled into Traverse City, Michigan in May of 2012, he created all kinds of problems which led Pet Friends Magazine to investigate him, send evidence of his incompetence to LARA and recommend that pet owners do the same if their pets were harmed from his services. It still took three more years before anything was done by the licensing agency. 

LARA regulates other important industries like day cares as well. Just think about that. Regulating businesses who care for children. I wonder if LARA is monitoring these places as closely as they are monitoring Karl Manke. 

What kind of things are being ignored while Whitmer and Nessel continue their vendetta against Manke instead of looking into real crimes and real problems going on under their governance? 

Looks like Arlene Hawks, the Director of LARA, has conflicts of interest in her job but that didn’t stop Whitmer from appointing her. Hawks’ husband is the owner of one of Lansing’s largest lobbying firms whose clients include industries such as marijuana and liquor. And golly gee, those businesses have been up and operating since the beginning of Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders with no one’s licenses being threatened. How nice for them. 

If you remember, it was LARA that Whitmer used to try to ban doctors and pharmacists from prescribing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine. Looks like LARA is a friend to the governor when she wants to get things done. 

The fact that Whitmer and Nessel have been getting embarrassed in public because of the opposition against them has made them mad to the point of doing things that aren’t even legal, like ignoring the constitution and due process and being dismissive of laws, process and precedent. They seem to be all about power and making sure everyone understands that power. 

They are tyrants who want to make sure everyone knows they are in charge. They don’t negotiate. They give orders. Personally, as a woman, and I can say this…I think it’s all about their gender and not wanting any men telling them what to do – whether it’s Trump, Republicans in the Michigan House and Senate, protesters or Karl Manke. I see this for what it is – payback for people going against the unlimited powers they think they have and their need to prove themselves to everyone. 

I’m sure Manke saying, “I don’t need the governor to be my mother” pushed them even further along in their plans to shut him down. 

And guess what else… at the same time as the governor is working on Manke’s licensing issue, somehow, coincidentally, the Facebook group “Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine” which had more than 385,000 followers was deactivated. 

Funny how that happens, isn’t it, when the government doesn’t want any opposition to their tyranny? In addition to opposing Whitmer’s excessive illegal executive orders, the group was very supportive of Manke and often had photos, videos and live shots of what was going on at his shop. 

Whitmer had written a letter to Facebook complaining about the Facebook groups that opposed her and the Detroit Metro Times complained to Facebook on Sunday and got a few of the groups shut down. Nice timing for Whitmer to get rid of the groups she needed to get rid of this week. 

The “Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine” group was not anything sinister like this article complained about and they could only cite two obnoxious posts out of a group of more than 385,000 people. And still they shut it down because that is what liberals do to their opposition. 

Facebook said that they removed multiple pages, accounts and posts for violating their policies and will “continue to take action against further violations.” They were also able to shut down the organization of a rally at the capitol that was scheduled for Thursday. 

So watch out people, they’re coming for YOU too. Accounts means individuals. So quit opposing your oppression!!!!! 

Does Whitmer think that this will stop people from organizing and opposing her? It won’t. She has done the opposite. She is sealing her fate to be recalled by galvanizing people to work to get her out of office. 

Democrats are all about cheating, censorship and lawlessness. Whitmer and Nessel excel at all three.