According to attorney David Kallman, LARA which handles professional licenses in Michigan has summarily suspended Karl Manke’s barber license.

The grounds listed demonstrate how far the state is willing to go to exercise its vendetta against the 77-year old barber.

Here are the three things cited for summarily pulling his license to work and support himself: 1. Violation of Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders, 2. They claim been charged with a misdemeanor, 3. He violated the Department of Health and Human Services order to cease and desist. The last is the very same order Circuit Judge Matthew Stewart refused to enforce on Monday. All of these grounds are not reasons to summarily suspend his license without a hearing or any due process.

Appearing exclusively on The Steve Gruber Show Kallman said, “It is outrageous, Karl has not even been served yet.”

Kallman said, “We are reviewing our legal options right now. I know we can get an emergency hearing. With an Administrative Law Judge right away, but that ALJ works for the Governor, so that might not be a fair hearing.”

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Kallman then added, “We also just found out that Facebook has removed Karl’s page and all evidence of what is going on. He had almost 400,000 followers. So obviously our Governor or Attorney General got to them too. People need to leave Facebook immediately and stop using them.”

There is a hearing scheduled this morning with Judge Stewart, its not clear how all of this will impact that.

Right now the state is using “police state tactics” and is demonstrating clearly an abuse of power” Kallman added, clearly upset by the conduct of the state.