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Here are 3 big things you need to know right now—


Number One— Both Michigan and Ohio State have completed undefeated seasons so far—and they will meet in Ann Arbor for the Game next Saturday at Noon—BUT one team’s coach is still banned—


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Number Two— Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter died yesterday at the age of 96—her husband Jimmy—the 39th President is 99—but also in declining health—


Number Three— The war in Gaza has reportedly killed 10,000 people on both sides—the Israel Defense Forces are on the ground hunting the terrorists of Hamas—looking in the tunnels and beneath hospitals where civilians are used as human shields—


Block by block and piece by piece—the IDF is systematically targeting every terrorist they can find—and delivering swift and final justice—


BUT the war is not popular on the world stage or with the neighbors of the Jewish state—even those that have been at peace with Israel for generations—Even so, the war is continuing and talk of a ceasefire is shot down by those at the highest level of the Israeli government—


The outcry is being heard on the streets of London, Paris and New York and Washington here at home—BUT it is not discouraging the IDF—or their mission to destroy Hamas at all costs—and weighing whether a strike on Iran or Hezbollah in the south of Lebanon is in order—


For those in the region—these past 6 weeks have been very tense—and despite the claims by Israel that they are not targeting civilians and certainly not children—their neighbors are on edge—

Much of the talk these past several days has been on the idea of a military pause—for a few days anyway–BUT as you’ve heard the push by those on the left is a total ceasefire—which doesn’t appear to be likely—and that leaves the fate of more than 200 hostages in doubt—their fate uncertain—


And all of this infighting has caused a separation inside the Democrat Party—in fact it is the first time since he took office that Joe Biden is at odds with the fringe left wing of his Party—and it is causing a very deep divide—


And all of this comes at the worst possible time for Biden—who has seen his numbers in polling collapse over the past few months—and this internal Holy War is tearing deeper into the liberal base—and the truth is—the war in Gaza could be the last nail in Joe Biden’s political coffin—


BUT of all the issues Biden faces—his biggest opponent appears to be Father Time—who continues to tick away the confidence even the most die-hard Democrats have in the senile old man to do the job—he is barely capable now—and anyone who looks at tapes of Candidate Biden compared to what we have now—is completely dumb struck by how far he has declined over the past 3 years—


This is not a man who could run an ice cream shop—let alone the most powerful nation on earth—and that is dividing the left as well—