Live from STUDIO G- in the heart of America- I’m STEVE GRUBER- saying the things you wish you could -every day-  fighting for you from the Foxhole of Freedom and defending this great nation– this is THE STEVE GRUBER SHOW!


Here are 3 big things you need to know right now—


Number One— Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter died yesterday at the age of 96—her husband Jimmy—the 39th President is 99—but also in declining health—


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Number Two— Benjamin Netanyahu is not going to call a ceasefire—as the IDF pounds and hunts every last Hamas terrorist it can find—and the issue is getting dicey—


Number Three— More bad polls and Joe Biden is getting weaker politically, mentally and physically—plus the walls are closing in on the corruption investigations—that are following the money—


BUT its all about his mental ability lately—and his obvious decline— 

And I played this last hour—BUT I find it to be very entertaining—so I’d like you to see it again

Out on the campaign trail—Donald Trump is crushing the field in the GOP primary—but there are still those in the race trying to keep going—