Live from the Heart of America—I’m Steve Gruber—ready to deliver an inclusive and diverse discussion on the most important topics of the day—giving you better analysis and insight that anyone else—shining a spotlight on the cockroaches of the swamp—and delivering truth and justice just when hope was starting to fade—


Here are the 3 Big Things you need to know to start today—


Number One— The Department of Defense is spending nearly $50 million dollars a month—to not build the border wall with Mexico—which of course makes no sense at all—


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Number Two— A big win for regular people fighting back against government destruction of farms in Europe—and it looks like the farmers and the folks have grabbed a lot of power—


Number Three— Well the truth about the unethical and likely illegal payments to the Biden family are being dragged into the light now—


Hallie Biden, is the mystery Biden that was on the receiving end of big payments too—


So keep up with this—it appears that China sent at least $3 million dollars to the Bidens not long after Joe left the VP’s job in 2017—and those on that side are claiming its because of business dealings—the problem is—the Bidens don’t have any businesses that the money would be going to—there aren’t any factories or restaurants or real estate—no, you see there isn’t anything—and it looks like what it most likely is—pay to play influence peddling—


James Comer the Chair of the House oversight committee had begun with the Hunter Biden laptop—and all the questionable relationships with companies like Burisma in Ukraine—where he collected a million dollars a year for doing nothing at all—and the multi-million dollar payment from the wife of the man that was the Mayor of Moscow—to the millions of dollars that flowed in from Communist China—


And now you have to look to see how much Chinese money was spent to influence voters on social media—and American newspapers and websites— ALL intended to throw the election to Biden and away from Donald Trump—


The money train leads to Hunter Biden, Jim Biden- the Presidents brother and now Hallie Biden—the widow of his son Beau- who also shacked up with Hunter during a particularly ugly stretch of drug use and buying illegal guns—


There is a lot more that is going to tumble out here—and we are watching to see when the next shoe will drop—BUT it has become clear—that the Big Guy was getting paid—maybe millions of dollars from America’s biggest enemies and is now beholden to them—


We will keep up on that—but we are going to turn our focus to Free for All Friday—and hear from all kinds of people on all kinds of stories—