Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice— I am Fierce and Fearless— I am here to tell the truth—I mean lets be honest—somebody has to—And—I’m the guy—


Here are three big Things you need to know right now—


ONE— Its Day 43—and the war in Europe smolders on—Russian troops and Ukrainian troops both being accused of war crimes—and sadly—its all probably true—


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TWO— Janet Yellen—the Treasury Secretary—says we are about to face enormous economic fallout from the war in Ukraine—and it could include massive food shortages—


THREE— The border crisis as designed by the Democrats—yes I said designed—I mean seriously—there is no way they can possibly think that anything they are doing is helping slow down the massive invasion that is underway—Anyway the border crisis designed by the Democrats is about to explode in a way—that will make what has been happening seem to be small potatoes by comparison—


And just when you think—they could not do anything dumber—well—let me tell you—they can—