Live from the No Panic Zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice—God Bless America this is the Steve Gruber Show— speaking truth to stolen power—and delivering the stone cold truth—every day—


Here are three big things you need to know right now—


ONE— Michigan Democrats are making a move to unseat Iowa and New Hampshire to start the 2024 nominating process for President—and that will sure make waves! 


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TWO— John Durham—has been slow in delivering on his much anticipated investigation into the origins of the Russian Collusion hoax—focused on former President Donald Trump—much more on that coming up—


THREE— But before we get to that brewing scandal—another dumpster fire is taking over in Washington—and that is the tawdry, sordid and repulsive tales that are Hunter Biden—and as Peter Schweitzer puts it—The Biden Crime Family—


Hunter Biden is a guy—that by all accounts—plus numerous pictures and videos—really loves to spend time with prostitutes – while getting hammered on booze and illegal drugs—like crack and cocaine—

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He is also a guy—that despite being a 3-time loser—who refuses to pay child support we’re told—and a guy who got tossed out of the Navy for failing his drug tests—he is somehow a guy that is magically able to attract tens of millions of dollars from lucrative contracts—and sometimes even bringing home deals in excess of a billion dollars—


His antics were front page news on The New York Post back in the fall of 2020—just before his dad—we are told—magically collected 81 million votes—all the information—including emails tying Joe Biden to shady pay to play deals—and big payouts for no apparent reason from places like Russia—Ukraine and China—


During his campaign—Joe Biden—lashed out and insulted anyone who dared ask about Hunter’s dirty deals—and how they might be connected to him—BUT we now know the laptop the Post reported on—before being silenced across social media—and being mocked by the vast majority of the corporate media outlets—that laptop is real—the pictures are real—the videos—that show—possibly underage girls engaging in sex with hunter—the drugs—and most notably the emails—confirming Joe Biden was getting cut in on the cash—a lot of cash—and in a big way—


BUT Joe won’t admit to any of it—I mean—did you expect him to?