Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice— I am Fierce and Fearless—in defending America—and telling the truth—no matter how many liberals get their feelings hurt— lets get to it—


Here are three big Things you need to know right now—


Three— A federal court rules in favor of Indiana University—and upholds its requirement—that students—staff and faculty must get the Covid vaccine—


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Two— The first serious sentence has been handed down for the events of January 6th—a Florida man is headed to prison for the next 8-months—even though he has never been in trouble before—


One— President Biden says don’t worry about inflation—of course he also said don’t worry about the Chinese—because they are no competition for us—


So as the Democrats pursue dangerous spending programs that will flood the nation with currency that is worth less every day—inflation is inevitable—and its also obvious to people who actually shop and pay bills—that of course is not the guy who hid in his basement through all of 2020—while his handlers brought him everything he wanted—


Now as President—he has no comprehension of what its like to see gas at 3.35—or the price of meat and milk jumping along with everything else—


He has no concerns about the electric bill doubling—or anything else just because he cancelled a couple pipelines to appease the radical environmentalists—