Michigan, under the stewardship of Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her Democratic cohorts, has cemented its reputation as the second most violent state in America, trailing only lawless New Mexico.

With a staggering 1,286 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, the Great Lakes State outpaces its more peaceful neighbors like Wisconsin and Indiana. Perhaps Big Gretch missed the memo on keeping the peace.

Violent crime statistics.

According to a study by the DeMayo Law Office reported by WJIM, using FBI data from 2018 to 2022, Michigan saw over 608,000 violent crimes. That’s a lot of aggression for a state known more for its cherries than its chaos. Simple assaults alone hit a whopping 421,160 incidents.

Crime breakdown.

But wait, there’s more! Aggravated assaults clocked in at 139,360, while 21,184 cases of rape, 3,064 murders (plus 129 “justifiable” homicides, as if that’s supposed to reassure anyone), round out the state’s crime menu. Michiganders have been busy.

Impact of Whitmer and Democrat policies.

Governor Whitmer’s tenure hasn’t exactly been a crime-fighting success story either. Despite some minor dips in crime rates, murder rates have soared by 22.3% since she took office. Bravo, governor, for setting new records where it counts!

Economic hardships.

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And it’s not just crime that’s booming under Whitmer’s watchful eye. A University of Michigan study reveals that nearly 39% of Michiganders are grappling with economic hardship, from food insecurity to unlivable wages. It’s a bleak picture, with child poverty rates hitting alarming highs and transportation and housing costs soaring faster than a Michigan snowstorm.

Education challenges.

Meanwhile, Michigan’s educational system is about as robust as a soggy cardboard box – and the Democrats’ budget in the state recently stripped even more money from the kids in the state. Students in Michigan lag behind the national average in math, struggle to graduate high school, and emerge from college buried under a mountain of debt.

But hey, as long as the state budget covers the needs of the Democrats’ illegal alien buddies, who needs to educate our kids? Instead, we can have high crime rates and economic distress.

Rounding out our statistics, Michigan also ranks 42nd in U.S. News & World Report’sBest States” analysis. Yes, we’re not last. Clearly, we’ve excelled at being mediocre in virtually every category that matters, from governance to economic vitality. Bravo again, Governor Whitmer, for leading Michigan to the bottom of the barrel.

Advice for potential residents.

So, if you don’t currently live in our state but are considering a move to Michigan, bring your pepper spray and your savings account. You’ll need both to survive the state’s dual challenges of rampant crime and economic misery.