In the latest episode of “How to Spend Taxpayer Money Wisely,” NYC Mayor Eric Adams is doubling down on his commitment to making New York City the ultimate sanctuary for illegal aliens (unvetted future Democratic voters).

Pre-paid debit cards for illegal aliens.

The city is rolling out pre-paid debit cards loaded with taxpayer cash for “migrant” families staying in hotels. Because nothing says “Welcome to America” quite like a free flow of money from hardworking citizens straight into the pockets of people who just crossed the border illegally.

Expansion of a ridiculous program.

You might remember the pilot program where NYC generously provided these magical money cards to about 3,000 illegal aliens. Now, in a move that can only be described as bold (or absurd, depending on your perspective), Adams is expanding the program to cover over 7,300 migrants over the next six months. The cost? A mere $2.6 million. Pocket change, right? Especially when the city is already hurtling toward a $10 billion spending spree on illegal aliens.

Free money for illegal aliens will “save” the city money.

Adams, in a classic move, defends this initiative as a “cost savings measure.” Yes, you read that right. The city claims this will save money by replacing the system of non-perishable food boxes. Why provide food when you can just hand out cash to folks you will someday grant amnesty to so that they vote for your political party? No this isn’t bribery at all (wink-wink).

And its not chump change either: a family of four with children under five can get up to $350 per week. That’s roughly $18,200 a year. For context, that’s more than the average monthly $291 given to low-income, elderly, and disabled U.S. citizens through SNAP. Are you an elderly or disabled person – or veteran – suffering under Biden inflation? Someone who has worked your whole life in America and now are barely able to make ends meet? Tough luck! This new free money from Adams is only for “newcomers” (i.e. unvetted lawbreakers).

Criticism from local officials.

New York Council member, Republican Joseph Borelli, and other critics are understandably livid, calling the program “fundamentally unfair” to the city’s working poor. Borelli and other Republicans argue that NYC’s right-to-shelter law and sanctuary policies are turning the city into a magnet for illegal aliens – and they are right. With free cash and free shelter with no end in sight, NYC is definitely the place to go if you are a foreign interloper.

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But hey, Adams and his team see things differently. They view this as a “humane” and practical approach while critics are only only concerned about pesky little things like fairness, budgets and sustainability.

Surge in “fake” asylum seekers – and why not?

This is all happening as more than 183,000 asylum seekers have arrived in NYC over the past year, thanks to the surge in illegal immigration under President Joe Biden. The city’s resources are being stretched thinner than a New York-style pizza crust, but who’s counting? Certainly not the Adams administration.

To add a cherry on top, let’s not forget the vast sums spent on meals for illegal aliens, many of which reportedly end up in the trash. Wasteful spending is just part of the package deal when you are a Democrat playing the role of a sanctuary city in a country where borders are just a “suggestion.