Democracy is on the ballot! Or at least that’s what Democrats have been screeching about since Donald Trump re-entered the political fray to be president again. So while the leftists are busy waving the “save democracy” flag against Trump, they are simultaneously and openly discussing overthrowing their own voters’ choice of Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president.

The Democrats are perfectly fine cancelling their voters’ decision since it’s no longer convenient. Their elderly president’s dismal debate performance against Orange Man Bad has laid bare Biden’s incompetence, and they can no longer hide it. The jig is up.

The Democrats’ dilemma.

For months and months and the months and months, the Democratic Party and their cohorts in the media has been clamoring that the 2024 election is a battle for the soul of democracy. The narrative? Trump is the big, bad wolf threatening to blow the democratic house down. They’ve practically turned “democracy is on the ballot” into a mantra, hoping it will stick in the minds of voters as they head to the polls.

Yet, here’s where it gets juicy. While chanting about democracy, a large portion of the Democrats and their media co-conspirators appear to be orchestrating a quiet coup against Joe Biden, the very person their voters chose.

Biden, despite his old old age and a penchant for mandatory naps, remains the legitimate choice. But who cares about that when there are shiny new toys like CA Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Transportation Czar Pete Buttigieg and VP Kamala Harris to play with?

The great replacement debate.

Many party insiders insist that VP Kamala Harris is the inevitable nominee. Yes, cackling and ineffective Harris, who has had her share of campaign disasters and hasn’t accomplished a single thing as VP, is somehow seen as the safe bet. Apparently, her failed 2020 campaign and staff turnover issues are just quirky little footnotes in her story. And so is the fact that she got into politics by sleeping with an older married man.

The Harris conundrum.

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Let’s break this down. Harris, as VP, supposed has the inside track: donor relationships, access to a massive campaign war chest, and the potential endorsement from Biden if he decides to exit politics “voluntarily.” Rev. Al Sharpton, who laughably has said about Kamala, “I think she’s done very well on her feet” and Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) also have her back.

But these are folks who have possibly forgotten how Kamala’s campaign to be president fizzled out before the primaries even heated up and that she could hardly manage more than 6% of support from Democrats.

So why the sudden faith in her ability to lead a national campaign – or to be president? Ah, there’s an easy answer to that: desperation. The Democrats will literally run ANYONE against former President Trump – whether that “anyone” is a dementia patient or a cackling incompetent – and pretend that person is a better choice for America than the evil Trumpster.

The hypocrisy parade.

However, the Democrats face a glaring contradiction if they try to get rid of Joe Biden the presidential candidate or Joe Biden the president. They can’t keep yelling about the sanctity of democracy while trying to shove Biden off the stage. If they truly believe in democratic principles, maybe they should let their voters have a say in who the Democratic presidential candidate is.

But that’s a risky move for them. It’s much safer to talk about democracy than to practice it, especially when it might lead to a messy, unpredictable outcome and they might lose their grasp on their power.

What the Democrats are contemplating to do is far more anti-Democratic than anything that happened on January 6th.