Nobody ever said getting people to think a certain way would be easy.

That’s especially true when you’re trying to get people to defend something or someone rather than tear them down. 

And Team Biden is about to find that out the very hard way. 

Sure, it’s been easy to get a significant portion of the voters to fall for every hoax and smear against Donald Trump for the last nine years. Relying on the fears of snowflake liberals and the alarmist news media is usually a good bet. 

But now, those same folks behind the hyping of hoaxes and scare tactics need to defend our president, whose physical misadventures and foibles are beginning to rival Mr. Magoo on a foggy day. 

So, here’s their brilliant new strategy: claim it’s all fake! 
That’s right. When you see a video of Mumblin’ Joe wandering off to nowhere or freezing up for no reason, it’s you who is to blame for not realizing there’s something very sinister going on. 

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White House public disinformation officer Karine Jean-Pierre says that those videos you’ve seen are all deep fakes!

The problem is those “deep fakes” KJP refers to were unedited videos. You literally can’t get more not deep fake than that! This is just like the old joke that goes: “Are you going to believe us, or your lying eyes?”
Again, this is a much heavier lift for the Biden team and their friends in the news media than bashing Trump. It’s kind of like the opposite of being in the usual liberal bubble. 

Liberals in a bubble usually think one way and have no idea most of the common-sense world thinks otherwise. 

But in this case, the Democrats in the White House know they’re the only ones who are saying this baloney about “deep fakes.” And they’re noticeably angry that no one else is joining them. 

Another big problem is that the Fumbler-in-Chief provides us with new material almost every day! 

He had a freezing spell while trying to introduce Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas less than 24 hours after KJP’s “deep fake” statement.
You may notice that more and more aides and other politicians are standing very close behind Joe Biden when he speaks—just to make sure they can swoop in in case of a real emergency.

Joe Biden is seriously declining and getting worse—and as Joe would say, that’s no joke!

Remember also that KJP’s angry comments claiming deep fake manipulation weren’t really directed at the voters. She said that to the White House press room filled with mostly regime news media reporters.

Yes, we should stop calling those folks the “mainstream media” because all they do is promote and defend Biden’s White House propaganda. 
KJP wants those foot soldiers to “get the memo” and start pushing this deep fake narrative pronto. And sure enough, they are.

CBS News just yesterday tried to whitewash that video of Biden wandering off to nowhere during the G7, saying that if you zoom out, you can see he was listening to a conversation.

Nice try, CBS, but anyone watching the video can see that Biden was supposed to be posing for a group picture at the time and is clearly confused about where he’s supposed to be. 

He only gives those paratroopers the thumbs up much later. Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni is also clearly pulling him back to the other leaders, who then try to act casual as they fill in around him.

By the way, the reporter who tried to explain away the clear issues in the video was from a new division called “CBS News Confirmed,” which was conceived months before this election and is launching now—the latest incarnation of the Bureau of Truth—you know the thought police. They will tell you what you are allowed to think and believe—.

It will be another one of those supposed fact-checking outfits that does nothing of the sort. 

We’ve done some advance fact-checking and research, and inquiries about CBS News Confirmed for the Steve Gruber Show, and many of our suspicions have already been confirmed. 

Just be aware! The new thought police are everywhere.

The Associated Press pulled a fake fact check on another now-famous video of former President Barack Obama having to physically pull Joe Biden off stage after Biden froze up at the end of a fundraiser Sunday night in Los Angeles.

Even though the unedited video clearly shows Obama having to very unusually and awkwardly pull on Biden’s wrist to snap him out of it and get moving, the AP is “reporting” that a “source” tells them that’s not what really happened. 

Oh, it’s not?

Of course, Obama’s very noticeable move was likely meant to be noticed—and yes, I want you to hear what I am about to say—pay attention.

Not even the biggest Biden donors are under any illusions about Joe’s cognitive decline. Obama’s yank and pull gesture directly in front of all of them made it clear: Obama is in charge, so they don’t need to worry. 

But we need to worry. 

Not just because our supposed president with his hand on the nuclear button is falling apart more and more, but because the regime news media is now all in on a two-front war on the people.

They’re continuing the smear campaign on Trump while at the same time seriously upgrading their pro-Biden offensive. The assault is now constant. 

The elephant in the room, and the supreme challenge for the Biden team and its regime news media, is the upcoming live debate against Donald Trump on June 27.
So many pundits are focusing on how Biden and Trump are preparing, but maybe the US should be preparing even more. 
We must be prepared for various games from the CNN panel moderating and broadcasting the debate. 

Are we supposed to believe the same regime news media that are willing to push this “deep fakes” lie isn’t going to run some kind of significant interference for Biden at the debate?

In addition to being prepared for that, Americans should be prepared for this debate not even to happen. 

If Joe Biden continues to decline as he has been over these last few days, be prepared for the White House to cancel the debate and use everything from Trump’s upcoming sentencing hearing to the heatwave as an excuse—you know Climate Change is magical, and it explains everything.

Of course, the regime news media is doing nothing to prepare its viewers for reality. 

They’re also toying with the idea that there will be no debate but ridiculously suggesting that Trump would cancel it. Since when has a challenger in any election against an incumbent done that? 

The once-reasonable James Carville promoted the absurd notion that Trump will bow out for no reason.

But let’s wrap this up by getting back to the whole idea of “deep fakes.” Is it really the right-wing news media and citizen journalists on social media who are pushing out deep fakes? 
I’d say it’s the Deep State that is still number one with a bullet when it comes to deep fakes:

The Deep State promotes the deep fake narrative that first there was no border crisis, but now there is one because of Donald Trump and not because of Biden’s open border. 

The Deep State promotes the deep fake that “Bidenomics” is working and inflation is “transitory.”

The Deep State promotes the deep fake that billions and billions of dollars and weapons we’re sending Ukraine are part of a wider policy to promote peace and stability.

The Deep State promotes the deep fake that men belong in women’s locker rooms, violent criminals don’t belong in jail, and taxpayers should back up greedy colleges price-gouging American families for degrees in Bavarian poetry and “Queer theory.”

Maybe that’s all this “deep fake” accusation is about.
The Deep State is warning everyone else to lay off its territory.