As convicted felon and former President Donald J. Trump prepares to navigate his way through Michigan’s political waters once again, his journey is making waves. This Saturday, Trump will anchor himself in Detroit, a city that has become a critical battleground in the high-stakes election sea.

He will not only address a conservative convention but will also participate in a community roundtable, aiming to steer Black voters toward his campaign.

What did Trump say in the interview?

Before docking his ship in Detroit, Trump showed up on Friday’s Steve Gruber Show to discuss election issues. Making a splash as usual, his comments created ripples across the political landscape with quips like Biden being the “worse candidate ever” and the “ the guy is a disaster…the worst president in the history of our country…” and saying “the guy has no clue what’s happening, and all he wants to do is go home and go to sleep.”

Trump addressed his felony conviction, highlighting the incredible support and fundraising he’s received, noting, “I’ve never had support like this.” He also discussed Nancy Pelosi’s recent admission of responsibility for the January 6th Capitol events due to the National Guard not being prepared. Additionally, he spoke about other issues including inflation and the threats posed by adversaries including Russia.

Gruber also asked Trump, “Why do you do this? You don’t have to.”

In order to find out Trump’s answer, you can catch the full interview here on Steve Gruber’s website.

Navigating the community roundtable.

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On Saturday, Trump’s first port of call will be the 180 Church in Northwest Detroit, where he plans to hold a community roundtable. This event is designed to let him listen to members of the community, a strategic move to buoy his support among Black voters. Trump’s campaign has been clear: he intends to highlight what he sees as Joe Biden’s failures, hoping to turn the tide in his favor.

Detroit, a city with a rich history and a diverse population, represents a challenging yet crucial stretch of political water for Trump. His ability to connect with these voters could be the wind in his sails as he navigates toward the 2024 election.

The People’s Convention: A fleet of MAGA stars.

The main event of Trump’s visit on Saturday is the “People’s Convention” organized by Turning Point Action. The convention will be a veritable flotilla of MAGA heavyweights, including (soon to be incarcerated) Steven Bannon, Donald Trump Jr., Lara Trump, Roger Stone, Mike Lindell, Kari Lake and many more – including my top pick for VP, Byron Donalds.

Trump’s keynote address is anticipated to be the high tide of the event. As he takes the stage, he will likely tackle issues ranging from the economy and election integrity issues to Biden’s total incompetence, aiming to galvanize his supporters and chart a course back to the White House.

Boat parade: Trump’s naval armada.

Adding a splash of nautical flair to the weekend, grassroots organizers have planned a boat parade on the Detroit River to greet Trump. This floating spectacle will sail from Lake St. Clair to Hart Plaza, near Huntington Place. The parade promises to feature a 74-foot yacht, symbolizing the grandeur and pageantry often associated with Trump’s public appearances.

This maritime rally is more than just a show of support; it’s a testament to Trump’s ability to turn even the most unconventional venues into stages for his political theater. The sight of boats decked out in MAGA flags cruising along the river will be a vivid reminder of Trump’s enduring influence and the loyalty of his base.