The former president, the untouchable Donald J. Trump, has once again proven that he’s the ultimate political escape artist. Despite being found guilty of 34 criminal charges in New York in what many people (with a brain) call a “rigged” trial, a legal beatdown that would send any ordinary mortal into early retirement, Orange Man bad is the Phoenix who has risen from the ashes.

Trump still ahead of Biden in Michigan.

In fact, Trump has not only risen from the ashes of past controversies and challenges, he has perhaps emerged more formidable than ever and is still leading President Biden in a recent presidential poll coming out of Michigan.

Trump’s resurgence has showcased his resilience and unyielding determination. With a renewed sense of purpose and a reinvigorated base of supporters, Trump’s campaign has gained significant momentum (and money), propelling him ahead of his dastardly opponent in more ways than one.

Nothing the Democrats do will bury Trump permanently in the cemetery of public opinion.

Trump’s remarkable windfall of donations reflects not just a comeback, but a triumphant ascent to the forefront of the political landscape, positioning him as a formidable contender for the presidency once again as Biden and the Democrats throw whatever they have at Trump and the electorate to stay in power – rigging the vote, executive orders on the border, money for students loans, releasing gas reserves and more. The next thing you know, the Dems will be demanding that Israel agrees to a permanent a cease fire in Gaza so that Biden can retain the votes of his antisemitic base.

With a debate ahead of them (June 27th), Trump and Biden are both doing what they need to do to secure their base and try to knock off some independent votes as well. However, Biden is clearly the desperate one in the race.

New polling has Trump ahead of Biden in a tight race.

A Mitchell-Michigan News Source poll conducted on June 3, 2024 shows that the slick Orange Man Bad is still the frontrunner in Michigan, although it’s a razor-tight margin and the margin of error is plus or minus 6.9%.

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In a head-to-head matchup, Trump wins 48.2% to Biden’s 47.6%. While that’s not overly impressive for the Trumpster, it’s REALLY impressive when you take into consideration that this is a post- conviction poll. That means, try as they might, the Democrats can’t bring Trump down even when they convict him in court.

Felon or not, Michigan voters don’t prefer Biden over Trump.

Despite the NY court’s decision to brand Trump a certified criminal, nearly half of Michigan’s voters are still ready to roll the dice with the former president. However, that won’t stop Biden and his supporters from calling Trump “guilty” and “criminal” and a “felon” from now through the November election.

The Mitchell-Michigan News Source poll, which reached out to 697 likely voters through the magic of text messages and SurveyMonkey, reveals a fascinating portrait of voter stubbornness. In a five-way race, Trump still edges out Biden by 1.2%, with outsider candidates like Robert F. Kennedy of the Natural Law Party (3.3%), Green Party’s Jill Stein (0.5%), and independent Cornel West (1.1%) trailing far behind. Surprisingly (or maybe not), there are only 4.2% of likely voters who are still “undecided” on who to vote for.

Steve Mitchell, president of Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc., points out that Trump’s lead among Independents has been trimmed to 47% – 40%, down from previous figures. But let’s be real, in Trump’s world, a lead is a lead, no matter how thin the margin or dubious the victory.

Republicans are more enthusiastic about voting than Democrats.

The data also underscores a critical issue for the the candidates: voter enthusiasm. Post-conviction, overall voter enthusiasm has skyrocketed to 74% (up from 56%), with 82% of Republicans and 75% of Democrats feeling “very enthusiastic.”

This enthusiasm gap could spell trouble for Democrats come November. Especially if the economy still sucks (it will) and if Israel is still going after Hamas, irritating the Biden voters, of which only 15% support Israel in the Gaza conflict according to this poll.

Issues important to voters continue to be the economy, threats to democracy and the border.

Among the multitude of issues plaguing voters, economic concerns, the threats to democracy (perceived by both sides) and the border are issues that top the list. Yet, even amidst these pressing issues, 71% of Republicans are actually MORE LIKELY to vote for Trump after being convicted. And so are 29% of the undecideds (12% are less likely and 58% said it doesn’t make a difference).

Apparently, being found guilty is just another quirky personality trait for Trump, like a bad haircut or a penchant for fast food.