The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is once again at the center of a controversy, this time over their handling of a bird flu outbreak on dairy farms. This has led to a fierce debate with state officials and the dairy industry, further complicating President Joe Biden’s attempts to monitor and contain the virus – not to mention come up with new lockdowns and voting rules to help win the presidential election.

Farmers don’t want CDC cow cops on their property.

Farmers are skeptical about having the CDC on their property and who can blame them? State agriculture officials also worry that the federal response will disrupt their efforts to actually manage the outbreaks.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, a potential USDA head if Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election, voiced his opposition clearly: “It’s overreach. They don’t need to do that. They need to back off.”

Texas says stay out.

Texas, where the bird flu was first detected, has refused CDC’s epidemiological studies due to a lack of interest from dairy farms. This resistance highlights a growing trust gap between the agriculture sector and federal health authorities.

Hm… I wonder why. It couldn’t be because the CDC not only lacks the knowledge to make things better, but they are tyrannical control freaks?!

CDC warns of global implications.

CDC officials, like Principal Deputy Director Nirav Shah, is freaking out over the potential of the virus to spread globally before any of their Nazi-like rules go into effect.

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The CDC’s proposed solution? They want to send federal teams to farms to “monitor” farmworkers’ health and collect data. However, state officials, both Democrat and Republican, have expressed concerns about farm biosecurity and farmers’ reluctance to having these CDC chicken and cow cops to show up on their properties.

CDC not wanted by farmers or state agricultural departments.

Despite Shah’s assurances of cooperation between the CDC and USDA, states like Pennsylvania suggest the USDA should take the lead, viewing the situation more as a workforce concern than a public health issue.

The CDC continues to push for a middle ground, seeking ways to monitor the virus’s spread among dairy cows and assess the risk to humans.

Biden, the pandemic czar, is alert, prepared and ready to handle things.

Don’t worry though because Biden is on top of things. His new Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy (otherwise known as the Biden presidential campaign) is coordinating efforts across federal agencies so that they can screw up another possible pandemic from being put in check while simultaneously making sure that the situation is beneficial to a Biden win in November.

Michigan hit with two farmworkers getting the virus.

In Michigan, a third case of bird flu in a farmworker (and second in the state) has prompted calls for farmers to report any symptoms and plans for blood tests to detect asymptomatic infections. The feds are totally ignoring the draconian measures that have already been put in place by the Michigan government to try to control an outbreak.

Officials maintain that the risk to the general public remains low. Nevertheless, that won’t stop the CDC and the Biden folks to scream that the sky is falling – or spend a bunch of our taxpayer dollars on another vaccine.

Another mRNA vaccine to the “rescue.”

The Biden administration is now on the verge of funding Moderna’s development of an H5N1 bird flu vaccine, drawing parallels to the expedited COVID-19 vaccine production.

And yes, this is yet another “experimental” mRNA vaccine.

Good luck, people.