All President Joe Biden had to do during the debate was to stay awake (he accomplished that), not wander off the stage (he accomplished that) and not look incompetent. Oops. 2 for 3 isn’t bad. Or is it??

In a year where the unexpected has become the norm, the presidential debate promised yet another spectacle – and we certainly got one. The stage was set, the lights were blinding, and the nation was eagerly waiting for the verbal fireworks. We got plenty of that too – and plenty of name calling.

It was a night of Biden saying, “You’re the worse president” and Trump saying, “No, you are.”

Biden also oddly and continuously said the phrase, “The idea that…” and he was always counting when he answered a question, saying, “number one….and number two…” So at least we know he’s good at math.

Biden’s tactics, missteps and incoherence.

Biden used all of the classics going after Trump, bringing up the Charlottesville lie, deceiving everyone that Trump told people to inject themselves with bleach during Covid and Biden also repeated the lie that Trump called dead soldiers “suckers” and “losers.”

Biden’s relentless lies and gaslighting were truly amazing – when you could understand him. At one point, Biden was so incoherent that Trump commented, “I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he knows what he said either.”

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The Dems were having a meltdown all night about Biden’s performance and instead of Matt Drudge having his usual “Who won the debate poll,” he had a poll about who should replace Biden. OUCH. The winner? Someone named “other” who got 39.63% of the vote. California Gov. Newsom got 23.6%, VP Harris got 13.92%, Hillary Clinton received 12.63% and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer got a dismal 10.21%.

And according to a CNN survey after the debate, 67% said Trump won the debate, 33% said Biden. Apparently 33% voted from the local tavern where free beers were flowing.

Speaking of CNN (and MSNBC), both were panicking in their analysis following the debate. They saw what we all saw – a weak candidate and a weak president. Laughably, they actually acted surprised that Biden did so bad even though they have been part of the conspiracy to hide the old man from the public the past few years and gaslight us about his ability to be the commander-in-chief.

Former Obama official, Van Jones, said about Biden’s performance, “It was painful.” He said Biden “had a test to meet tonight” and “he failed to do that…That was not what we needed from Joe Biden tonight, it was painful.”

The stage was set for a Biden victory.

So, what happened exactly? On one side of the stage was President Joe Biden, armed with decades of sucky political experience and a recently consumed caffeine cocktail that had him delivering a sped-up vocal performance with a hoarse voice early on (he supposedly had a cold). On the other side was former President Donald Trump, ready to unleash his usual barrage of superlatives and give the audience actual facts to counteract Biden’s gaslighting.

The stage was set for Biden to achieve a victory – no audience, muted mics, helpful CNN moderators to ask the right questions. The virtual audience was ready for the show – and everyone was wondering…Would Biden fall asleep mid-sentence? Would he wander off the stage looking for a rest stop? Anything could happen.

The CNN moderators, who most expected to be on Biden’s side, actually asked some “real” questions and gave the candidates equal time answer them. But THAT was part of the problem. They were REAL questions and Biden wasn’t able to keep up. That made me wonder if the “fix” was in to knock the old man off the Democratic ticket.

Biden’s frozen moment and Trump’s responses.

For those who missed it, here’s a recap of the most memorable (if you can call them that) moments… Firstly, Joe Biden had a moment of frozen-ness about twelve minutes in where he stared into the abyss of his own thoughts while attempting to explain Medicare. In the end, he confusingly uttered, “we finally beat Medicare.” WTF? It was a riveting portrayal of cognitive malfunction, setting a tone for the evening.

Donald Trump, never one to shy away from pointing out Biden’s failures, spent a good chunk of his airtime fact-checking Biden and calling the president a disaster and the worse thing since sliced bread. He brought up Biden’s spectacular fail on the Afghanistan withdrawal several times during the evening and was able to get in some truth bombs about Biden and the Democrats including the ramifications of the “Biden migrant crime wave” and their support of infanticide.

Trump brought up the border chaos and the crime America has been suffering under it many times during the debate. “We’re living in a rat’s nest,” Trump pointed out the obvious.

Biden, even when he might have had a point to make that was actually factual, was not able to get his words out in a coherent manner. He tripped over his own words all night.

The golf handicap spat and other bizarre moments.

And in a truly bizarre twist, the debate detoured into a golf handicap spat. Yes, while the nation is teetering on the edge of several crises, our presidential candidates decided to bicker about their golf skills. Trump, apparently the only adult in the room, finally told Biden that they should stop acting like children.

In another bizarre episode, when talking about abortion, Biden said, “a lot of young women being raped by their in-laws, by their spouses, brothers & sisters.”

Social media and post-debate reactions.

Social media was quick to chime in about the evening and Biden’s performance was relentlessly mocked including by prominent Democrats. Biden was called ancient, stunningly bad and about everything else under the sun – with many Democrats immediately looking for a new candidate to save them from another Trump presidency.

Derek Hunter, an opinion contributor from The Hill summed everything up pretty good in his op-ed about the evening. He said, “President Biden’s performance was shockingly bad. All that can be said is he got through the debate alive. Confused, lost, stumbling, mumbling and very angry, but he was still there and breathing when it ended. It was shocking.”

Media’s verdict and analysis: Throwing Biden under the bus.

Hunter (the writer, not Joe’s golden boy convict son) added, “It’s unclear whether Biden did well enough to survive to the Democratic convention. The coming weeks will be filled with meetings of Democratic mega-donors and party elites, including Barack Obama and the Clintons, discussing whether they can have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with him or whether it will do more damage to their chances. They will focus-group the pros and cons of replacing him, and with whom.”

But they will also have to get wifey Jill on board. Good luck with that. Biden isn’t going to want to give up the car keys – and neither is Jill.

After the debate, VP Kamala Harris, who won’t be getting the nod to be the next presidential candidate anytime soon, said, “Yes, there was a slow start, but it was a strong finish…And what became very clear through the course of the night is that Joe Biden is fighting on behalf of the American people.” Apparently she was watching the debate from the tavern as well.

The takeaway from the debate? Biden needs look into what kind of fun activities are available at Shady Pines.

So if the Democrats give old Joe the heave-ho, what will all of the illegal aliens do who have pledged to vote for him? They’re going to learn how to spell W-H-I-T-M-E-R or someone else’s name entirely if the left kicks Biden to the curb of the nursing home where he belongs.