Pornhub’s naughty list just got longer. They’ve slapped the banhammer on five more states, leaving over 18 million Americans high and dry when it comes to their favorite late-night pastime.

New states hit by Pornhub ban.

Kentucky got cut off on June 10th with Indiana, Idaho, Kansas, and Nebraska next in line for the chastity belt with dates in June and July. Other states already blocked include North Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Virginia, Arkansas, Utah and Montana.

Age verification laws trigger cold shower.

So, why the cold shower? Well, these states have been playing hardball with age verification laws, demanding IDs like bouncers at a seedy nightclub. But Pornhub ain’t having it. They’re crying foul, saying these laws are more dangerous than a bareback rodeo.

Sure, the states talk a good game about protecting the kiddos, but Pornhub’s not buying their spiel. They reckon it’s more about politicians trying to score points than actually keeping anyone safe.

Privacy concerns.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is waving its arms trying to warn folks about the risks including data theft. They’re shouting about how once you hand over your ID, it’s like giving out your number at last call – you never know who’s gonna use it next. And let’s be real, trusting some shady website with your personal info is riskier than finding a date on Craigslist.

How will this play out?

So, what’s next? Pornhub is betting on more states trying to slip these laws past the goalie, but they’re ready to rumble. They’ve got their lawyers oiled up and their arguments stacked higher than a…well, you get the idea. Because when it comes to keeping their content flowing, Pornhub’s not about to roll over and play dead.

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In the meantime, if you’re in one of these banned states, it’s either road trip to a state with looser laws or find a less savory corner of the internet.