Nancy Pelosi knew that on January 6, the failure of the United States Capital Police and the lack of National Guard presence were on her. 

Yesterday, the House Oversight Committee released footage taken by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter while taping a documentary. During the clip that was hidden from the public, Nancy Pelosi admitted that she was responsible for not being prepared. 

And remember how the Democrats berated Donald Trump when he said he had asked for 10,000 National Guard troops to be on standby and Nancy Pelosi said no? Well, it seems she knew she screwed up, and it seems the Democrats knew it, too, because they kept it from the public for three years!

This one is very hot today, and we will stay on it. The question is, will anyone be held accountable for the entire set-up known as January 6? And I mean the people who really set the whole thing in motion for political gain!

In the meantime, here are a few other questions for you:

Do Democrats believe they can insult their way to power, or that power entitles them to insult us? Do they really think the way to electoral bliss is insulting the voters of this great nation?

Do you support individual military members being able to opt out of getting the COVID vaccine?

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If they do, they may want to look at what happened in the European Union elections, where right-of-center parties crushed the lefties all over the continent. It’s so bad that Marine Le Pen’s party is on top in Germany—the same outcome in Poland. In France, Emmanuel Macron is calling for elections in July after getting destroyed in the EU elections. 

They all missed a big point that is even bigger here in the United States. 

The power rests with the people, and we have it in our power to dictate the political future significantly in November—we aim to do exactly that. 

Do Democrats not understand how our system of government works, that government of the people requires government by people who are not Democrats?

These questions should compel Democrats and their accomplices in the media to question their war on truth. 

That neither group seems to care how they treat us is clear.

That both groups believe they can and should continue to mistreat us is also clear—they are always, as they say, doubling down on some false narrative and going all in with fake news!

Both groups have a lot to learn about respect.

In the words of David Ogilvy, the father of advertising: “The consumer’s not a moron; she’s your wife.”

And guess what, Democrats, my wife votes, just not for you, ever!

Now, unless Democrats think they have a monopoly on power and it does not matter what they say or do, that they can do anything, I say: think again.

Democrats, rethink your approach to politics because you work for us.

To members of the media, rethink your approach in general because you cannot validate and defend your work if you work for Democrats—and it is quite clear that you do. 


Case in point: FBI agent Erika Jensen’s admission that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real after all of the lies from the intelligence community, the deep state, the corporate media, and all their allies. 

After four years of denials, the truth is on the record, and the Department of Justice has put it there for all to see. 

The admission is part of the official record of Hunter Biden’s ongoing criminal trial for buying a gun illegally while being addicted to a variety of illegal drugs—but mostly crack cocaine,  which he apparently smoked about every 20 minutes during the height of his madness. 

You don’t get a pass because you were high or because you forgot to pick up your laptop from the repair shop and then got busted. 

Of course, missing from all other records is an apology by the FBI to the American people—or the 51 so-called intelligence experts who signed a letter calling Hunter’s laptop Russian disinformation when they knew damn well it was not. 

Missing is the wrong word because it implies the existence of a thing with no basis in reality: contrition by the FBI.

For the FBI to feel sorry, the Bureau must first have feelings.


No agency of government has feelings.


No agency of government has a conscience.


Moral agency belongs to individuals.


For these reasons, the FBI is not sorry.

Democrats are not sorry either—they used the bogus letter and the bogus reporting to help capture voters. 

For these reasons, Democrats feel they are immune from civil retaliation.

By civil retaliation, I mean the timely and orderly rejection of Democrats on Election Day.

A more responsible political party would recognize this truth, for the truth is out.

A political party whose chief responsibility is to the people, for the party is an agent of the people, respects the truth.

The people give the party agency, not the other way around.


The Democrat Party has no mandate to govern with prejudice or to disrespect us on account of how Democrats feel.

In a word, the voter isn’t a moron, and America usually gets it right at the ballot box. Not always—but usually. 


About the consumer-as-your-wife, Ogilvy has some words for advertisers that also apply to Democrats.

He says, “You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives persuade her to buy anything. She wants all the information you can give her.”

And yet, because they believe we are unintelligent and undeserving of the intelligence in their possession, Democrats want to withhold all the information they can give us—either that or they are afraid the truth will have real and lasting consequences. 


Look at their response to the New York Post’s laptop coverage.


The response proves the Party is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


After rejecting the story as propaganda and calling it misinformation, Democrats find themselves on the wrong side of the facts and the law.


After attributing the source to foreign agents and attacking anyone with an interest in the story, Democrats find themselves on the wrong side of history.


Let the record reflect, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, for you are jurors in this trial that is our national election, that those who call us fascists and racists and insurrectionists—those who deplore us are projecting in the most classical sense of the term. 


Freedom of the press does not mean suppression of stories unfavorable to Democrats.

Suppressing information 20 days before the 2020 presidential election to make the results more favorable for Democrats is evidence of a bigger story: election fraud. There, I said it. Election fraud that is pumped up by the corporate media. 

Suppressing news in the name of national security and doing so based on lies about Russian interference is evidence of betrayal by the men and women in the biggest newsrooms in America and around the world. 


The word is treason, even if the act—suppressing news relevant to the outcome of a national election—is not technically criminal.

Listen to Emma-Jo Morris, former deputy politics editor at the Post, regarding her reporting about the laptop.

“I was absolutely sure that what we had was legit and airtight and bomb tight.” 

Only hacks resort to vapid adjectives.

Morris is no hack.

The same is not true for social media, or rather socialists in media, whose powers are many and responsibilities few.


Aside from their loyalty to the Democrat Party, the powers that be are unqualified to wield power and unwilling to cede power.

Because they have the power to check anyone who disagrees with them, silencing critics and banning criticism altogether, the powers that be are not worthy of power.


Because of their abuse of power, what with their association with and support for the enemies of freedom, the powers that be are neither good nor just.


Decency demands a higher standard of accountability.


We demand a return of standards in politics and media.


If one party wants to maintain its rule, if the party in power wants to rule against us, let them do so by following the law.


Let them try to do so, provided they obey the law.


But if the facts are against them, if in the end, the people are against them, let them do the decent thing and just go away.


Let the truth prevail!