In a world where political scandals are as common as stale bread in a prison cafeteria, it seems there’s no shortage of high-profile figures making headlines for all the wrong reasons. However, it’s usually the Republicans that it’s happening to. And it’s usually Trump and his supporters that are being targeted for something.

Two corrupt Democrat liars are exposed.

This time around, the spotlight is on two corrupt Democrat liars – two people who are guilty as sin: former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who represents California and President Biden’s son Hunter Biden. Of course, only one of them was on trial but the other one should be sent to the courtroom as well for her evil deeds.

Pelosi: “I take responsibility”

Let’s start with Pelosi, who, in a stunning display of accountability was caught on video admitting responsibility for the security failures during the January 6 Capitol riot.

That’s right, the riot that destroyed the country and democracy – the riot that is constantly being talked about and rehashed by the Democratic Party at every turn. The riot that was blamed on Donald J. Trump.

Was Trump telling the truth…again?

But wait a minute. Could Trump’s statements on asking for the National Guard to be there that day be true? Could Pelosi be a liar all this time? For a long time, we have suspected that Pelosi was to blame for the lax security that day and now we have proof.

In a video shot by her own daughter who just happened to be around shooting footage for a documentary, Pelosi can be heard lamenting the lack of preparedness and accountability surrounding the chaos that unfolded that day.

Pelosi is to blame for the lack of security.

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But wait, there’s more! House Republicans, like a pack of bloodhounds on the scent of hypocrisy, wasted no time in pointing out the irony of Pelosi’s confession. After years of blaming Donald Trump and his loyal followers for everything short of the weather, Pelosi’s admission of guilt left her Democrat cronies scrambling for damage control faster than a convict trying to break out of Alcatraz.

But, of course, Pelosi is out in the media spinning the narrative calling it “revisionist history” to blame her over the lack of security even though she IS to blame and it’s REAL history – corroborated by real video that her own real daughter shot. But somehow, the truth always evades the Democrats even when caught in the act.

Hunter Biden’s day(s) in court.

Meanwhile, in the other corner of the political circus, we have Hunter Biden, the prodigal son of the Biden dynasty, facing his own woes – in his case, actual legal woes. In a trial that reads like a poorly scripted crime drama, Hunter was found guilty on all three gun charges. Probably because he is GLARINGLY AND OBVIOUSLY GUILTY as the evidence from his laptop shows.

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

It seems Hunter’s penchant for living life on the edge (or at least on the wrong side of the law) finally caught up with him. From allegedly using crack cocaine to discarding firearms like yesterday’s trash, Hunter’s rap sheet reads like a laundry list of poor life choices.

His legal representatives tried to portray him as a victim of his addiction, attributing his criminal actions to his drug dependency. However, the jury remained unconvinced. It was clear they hadn’t succumbed to any bribery or intimidation tactics that might have been implemented.

And let’s not overlook the irony of Hunter’s refusal to accept a plea deal that would have kept him out of the slammer. But that’s probably because, wink-wink, he’s got a “deal” worked out with the folks at the top, including daddy. After all, Hunter has hasn’t been doing old Joe’s bidding for nothing.