In a move that can only be described as yet another predictable step in the grand saga of Michigan’s gun control crusade, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced the creation of the Michigan Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

This elite group of problem-solvers is tasked with addressing the “root causes” of gun violence, which we all know means recommending more laws, policies, and “solutions” that have already proven so effective in other states.

The illustrious panel: experts in the art of missing the point.

Governor Whitmer’s handpicked squad will feature a glittering array of state department directors, medical experts, law enforcement professionals, and other bureaucratic luminaries. These brave souls will gather data, hold meetings, and produce reports on gun violence, which surely no one has ever thought to do before.

The Whitmer solution: more laws.

After last year’s triumphant passage of “commonsense” gun laws out of the Democrats in Michigan, including universal background checks, safe storage requirements, and extreme risk protection orders, one might wonder why gun violence hasn’t magically disappeared. Whitmer, ever the optimist, is convinced that just a few more laws will do the trick.

Gov. Whitmer said in her press release about the task force, ”Let’s build on the work we did last year enacting commonsense gun violence prevention laws – background checks, safe storage, extreme risk protection orders, stronger penalties for domestic abusers, and greater investments in mental health and local law enforcement – to keep families safe.”

A legacy of ineffectiveness: building on past “success.”

The task force’s creation builds on the so-called “success” of last year’s legislation, which, if the statistics of continued shootings are any indicator, hasn’t quite had the desired effect. But why let facts get in the way of good intentions?

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Yes, somehow, the Democrats’ gun laws weren’t able to stop the “splash pad shooter” in Michigan in Rochester Hills on June 15th who randomly shot at people at a recreation center. The man, who had 11 guns at his home, was able to open fire on innocent victims. Why? Because there are evil people in the world. You can’t regulate evil. But the Democrats keep trying.

Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II chimed in about the task force saying, “We can’t accept gun violence as the status quo” – which means that the Democrats will do everything they can to ensure that law- abiding citizens jump through more hoops to exercise their constitutional rights.

Task force to the rescue: an exercise in futility.

The task force, tucked neatly within the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, will tirelessly identify the “root causes” of gun violence, compile irrelevant data, and solicit opinions from a diverse range of stakeholders who likely share the governor’s views.

The real objective here? To create an endless cycle of meetings, reports, and recommendations that will ultimately call for – you guessed it – more laws.

Because Democrats always tell us that guns laws for criminals and those planning to be criminals will solve the problem – as opposed to keeping criminals in jail.

Mental health and law enforcement: the convenient afterthoughts.

Sure, there will be mentions of investing in mental health and law enforcement, but let’s not kid ourselves – the real meat of this initiative is about regulating firearms out of existence. If Whitmer’s previous budgets are any indication, these areas will get just enough funding to look good on paper while the focus remains squarely on more gun control, more gun control and more gun control.

The Task Force’s predetermined conclusion: more regulation!

Spoiler alert: The task force will conclude that more regulation is needed. They’ll recommend everything from mandatory home inspections to monitor gun storage, to monthly background checks just to keep your gun. Because if there’s one thing politicians love, it’s regulating something they don’t understand.

Whitmer’s war on gun owners: a never-ending story

So here we are, with Governor Whitmer leading the charge against gun violence by targeting the easy mark: responsible gun owners. While criminals continue to ignore laws, Whitmer’s administration will pat themselves on the back for making Michigan a “safer” place through legislative theatrics and Whitmer’s magical task force.