In a move that’s as predictable as the sunrise, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has dropped charges against nearly all the anti-Israel protesters involved in the April 30th occupation of Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall during their anti-Israel protest.

This decision fits perfectly into the long-standing tradition of Democrats not holding their voters and potential voters accountable for their actions. Plus Alvin Bragg’s office has been much too busy targeting former President Trump for imaginary crimes to pay any attention to actual crimes in their city.

The New York Post reported that 30 students had their charges dropped due to a supposed lack of evidence and no previous criminal history. Another 13, who weren’t even enrolled at Columbia, were given an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal.

What a complete joke.

The sole protester still facing charges, James Carlson, stands as the token fall guy, reminding everyone that the system isn’t entirely without teeth – just mostly.

“Lack of evidence” – the convenient excuse.

The DA’s Office cited a lack of evidence as the primary reason for dropping the charges against the 30 defendants. Conveniently, they also noted that these individuals will face university disciplinary proceedings. Translation: the university will handle it, probably with some sternly worded emails and perhaps a temporary suspension from the dining hall.

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The 13 others who were not students were offered a deal: stay out of trouble for six months, and the charges disappear. But in a theatrical twist, these protesters rejected any deals, calling them “state efforts to divide the pro-Palestine movement.”

The perpetual victimhood narrative.

In a dramatic press conference, the masked activists decried the legal system’s attempts to “intimidate and stifle the movement.” They painted a picture of oppression, complete with references to “pigs” with pistols, circular saws, and flash grenades.

They demanded the release of individuals they described as “prisoners” of war against the U.S. Empire, including convicted criminals and alleged arsonists. Among them were five Palestinians convicted of funneling funds to Hamas under the guise of charity and an activist accused of multiple arson attacks at UC Berkeley.

The DA’s office: selective justice in action.

The DA’s Office dropping the charges highlights a glaring double standard. Imagine if these were conservative protesters. Yes, they’d likely be facing the full wrath of the legal system. Possibly locked up in solitary with no attorneys or due process. Although, who’s kidding who, here? It wouldn’t be “likely” to happen – it would DEFINITELY happen.

But for these left-wing activists, it’s all about understanding, leniency, and a gentle pat on the back.

Columbia University, for its part, had called in the NYPD after weeks of property destruction, harassment, and intimidation by these protesting morons. The activists had established an encampment on April 17th, inspiring similar actions nationwide. Yet, the moment the university decides enough is enough and calls in the police, it became a symbol of oppression and tyranny in the eyes of these antisemites.

A glimpse into the future: more chaos on the horizon.

This episode is a microcosm of a larger trend. As the Democrats’ grip on power appears increasingly tenuous, their tolerance for civic violence and urban chaos grows.

The left-wing, pro-Palestine, Antifa gangs are being prepped for action, and it’s clear that law enforcement, under Democratic rule, isn’t going to be a major obstacle if they decide to go nuts before and during the upcoming election.

We’re seeing the groundwork being laid for a turbulent election season. The FBI, despite its grandiose claims, shows no real interest in curbing these groups’ activities. Instead, they focus on the easier targets that align with their political agenda – like Christians and conservative voters. And, as usual, they are branding MAGA as domestic terrorists.

Bracing for impact.

As November approaches, expect more disruptions, more unpunished criminal behavior, and a surge in street-level chaos. The Democrats seem to be betting on mayhem as a strategy, hoping that a disoriented public will look to them for order amid the chaos they’ve sown. In other words, VOTE EARLY!