Ah, the sweet sound of hypocrisy. Our esteemed President Joe Biden and the ever-vocal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) have been thundering from their political pulpits about the dire need for a $15 minimum wage.

Yes, it’s very very dire. People are starving and they can hardly afford their cell phone payments and their lattes.

AOC and Biden don’t practice what they preach.

However, Just the News reports that even though the two leftists whine and cry about the need for a $15/hr. minimum wage for everyone, when it comes to their own pet project, the American Climate Corps (ACC), they seem to think a wage under $12 an hour is just peachy – even though there is a (fake) climate crisis going on.

Biden and AOC, ever the champions of the working class, are cheapskates.

The pair have long demanded that Americans should earn no less than $15 an hour. Biden, in his folksy wisdom, declared that a job is about more than a paycheck, it’s about “dignity.”

Taxpayer money is funding the Democratic agenda.

However, MY question is…why is our tax money even being used for Democratic plans and priorities? They have the DNC and all of their foreign money for that. But I digress…

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Yes, the ACC, brainchild of Biden and the unyielding climate crusader AOC, is a taxpayer– funded initiative purportedly modeled after FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps even though it’s actually nothing like it.

For Biden and AOC who have practically tattooed the $15 minimum wage on their foreheads, the irony is richer than the ACC salaries. AOC, who once lamented that debating a livable wage is “utterly embarrassing,” is now complicit in paying wages that fall far below her own declared standards. And Biden, apparently, is too busy licking ice cream to care about what his climate minions are making.

The leftist duo is not concerned if their workers don’t get their “basic needs” met.

Out of 308 job listings in the ACC, nearly a third pay less than the sacred $15 per hour. The ACC’s memorandum of understanding claims members will receive “financial compensation and benefits sufficient to meet their basic needs.” Apparently, Biden and AOC believe basic needs can be met with a few dimes above $11 an hour, despite their own prior fervent declarations.

Where is the money going?

So why are they bing so cheap? It’s partly about getting as many workers as they can for the $8 billion they have – so their polished annual reports look good. But there’s another reason.

Initially touted to support 50,000 workers for the program, it now limps along, promising jobs for only 20,000 young Americans. Larry Behrens of Power The Future sums it up neatly: “It doesn’t matter if it’s $7 billion for only seven EV chargers, or less than $15 for a campus climate agitator, Joe Biden’s climate spending never adds up.”

Indeed, someone is getting rich off these green schemes, but it’s not the workers. 20K workers at $12/hr. for a year is only $249.6 million. Where is the rest of the money going? Well, we know that the money is going to all of the Democrats friends in the non-profit groups to “host” these jobs that advance “clean energy, conservation and climate resilience.”

While Biden and AOC bask in their progressive halo, it’s clear that their priorities don’t always align with their proclamations. For all their highfalutin talk about dignity and fair wages, their own initiatives fall glaringly short – even when they’re trying to solve a made up climate crisis.